How to make your web copy better.

Written by David Miranda

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Another consideration is keywords. After you’ve researched and foundrepparttar best keywords for your business, place them in your headlines and sub-headings. What’s more, if people have to come to your place of business in order to do business as isrepparttar 108120 case with doctors, lawyers or dentists, make sure your location is integrated with your keywords. For example, a lawyer from Texas whose keywords are “divorce law” and “divorce lawyer” might use a headline like this:

Dallas divorce lawyer revealsrepparttar 108121 facts about Texas divorce law.

Also, weave your keywords throughout your body text, especially your opening paragraphs. Keep in mind:repparttar 108122 best keywords are two or three words phrases – not single words. (Useful keyword research tools are Wordtracker– and Overture -

DON'T SHOUT AT YOUR READER We’ve become accustomed to TV and radio announcers ranting and raving onrepparttar 108123 benefits of their products or services.

But when writing forrepparttar 108124 web, hyperbole comes across as hype. Therefore, don’t shout. Talk to your reader in a reasonable voice as if you were talking to a friend. Avoid words like “stupendous”... “awesome”... “breathtaking”. People are skeptical of exaggerated claims; you’re much better off being understated rather than overstated.

The best way to make your web content persuasive is to use true facts – as many as possible. Pile one interesting fact on top of another, till you end up with a strong, compelling sales story. Also include testimonials; praise from unbiased third parties makes your content more convincing.

CREATE AN ENVIRONMENT PEOPLE FEEL GOOD ABOUT Customers won’t buy from people they don’t trust. So it’s imperative to create an online environment that’s trustworthy and friendly. •Make sure your navigation links steer people inrepparttar 108125 right direction. •Stressrepparttar 108126 benefits of your product or service clearly and succinctly. •Avoid overly complex Return Policies or self-important Mission Statements. •Include a Privacy Policy if you gather information about your customers. •Include a Contact Us page which, in addition to your e-mail address, providesrepparttar 108127 company’s mailing address, phone number, andrepparttar 108128 names of key members of your management team.

Above all, understandrepparttar 108129 mind set of your reader – be empathetic. And convey through your copy that you care and can provide solutions to your reader’s problems.

David Miranda is an award-winning copywriter with over 25 years experience. David heads Miranda Writes, a copywriting service that helps small and medium-sized companies increase sales and profits by creating persuasive marketing materials and web site content. Contact him at

"How To Write A Riveting Sales Letter That Closes Sales"

Written by Mike Jezek

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3) Preview: Have you ever noticed on talk radio or on various news programs thatrepparttar announcer or radio host will give you a preview of what's to come in their show in order to whet your appetite to know more? You can dorepparttar 108119 same thing throughout your sales letter. Note this technique is closely related to Sentence Enders. Here are a few examples. "As you read on, you're about to discover how XXX can boost your sales by 30% to 400% in just 7 short days." "I'm going to reveal my magic metabolism secrets that can peel off 20 lbs within 30 days time. But before I do ... " "Inrepparttar 108120 next 5 minutes as you read every word of this letter, you will knowrepparttar 108121 7 secrets to exploding your online profits without paying a single dime in advertising costs." "Byrepparttar 108122 time you finish reading this eye-opening letter you will know how to take these three fighting techniques and stop any attacker foolish enough to get in your face."

Here'srepparttar 108123 bottom line. You must keep your prospects focused on your sales message. If your sales letter is like most people's sale letters - boring - no prospect will takerepparttar 108124 time to read it and as a result you won't get sales. Use these three techniques and try inventing some of your own to keep your reader focused and riveted on what you've written. Build suspense in your sales letter. As if you're constantly dangling a carrot before them. Do this and you should see your sales boost.

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