How to make your Backyard a Wonderland Oasis

Written by Robert Gravestock

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Outdoor garden decor is as reliant on lighting as it is on comfortable, all weather furnishings. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your beautiful outdoor living room inrepparttar evenings too. Thoughrepparttar 145750 most impressive lighting systems can be very expensive in ground, electrical solutions,repparttar 145751 experts at Backyard Wonderland want to remind you that sometimes simple, old fashioned candlelight isrepparttar 145752 most romantic and beautiful lighting of all.

For those with outdoor gazebos, or trees with limbs strong and low,repparttar 145753 selection of a candle-bearing chandelier can be breathtakingly beautiful. Similarly, tea-candle lanterns, hung on low branches create mysterious and romantic lightscaping. Asian lanterns, with frosted glass panels, and Moroccan lanterns, with colored glass panels, create environments simultaneously festive and romantic.

Of course, nothing beats a set of impressive table-top candlesticks. Strong carved wooden options, standing over a foot tall, make any outdoor dining experience more formal instantly. Brass, bronze, and metal sticks convey style and strength, and make dramatic impact. Ornate candle centerpieces set a beautiful table, and can be either fancy in polished metals, or whimsical in novelty designs.

Statuary is not relegated only to outdoor environments. A beautiful bronze statue inrepparttar 145754 style of Remington, Rodin, or Michelangelo always makes an impressive statement in living and dining rooms. Patriotic sculptures and statues, too, are enjoying new-found popularity.

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In today's economy, finding beauty at a price one can afford is difficult. Providing our customers with this opportunity is our highest priority. At Backyard Wonderland, we strive to offer our customers the finest backyard accessories at the lowest possible prices and first-rate customer service.

How to Grow Sprouts

Written by Jeremy Pickles

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Sprouts from beans, peas, etc., are ready earlier and can be eaten when they are 3-6 days old, depending onrepparttar type of sprout. For spouts grown in no soil or in seed trays, you can harvestrepparttar 145704 green "grass" when it starts to grow. Sprouts, from grain sown in jars, are ready sooner and are edible even before they turn green. Seeds sown in soil take a little longer.

If necessary, washrepparttar 145705 sprouts thoroughly to removerepparttar 145706 seed coat. Sprouts need to be stored inrepparttar 145707 refrigerator once they are ready to eat. Putrepparttar 145708 sprouts in tight sealing bags, and they will remain flavorful and crisp for one to two weeks. Rinsingrepparttar 145709 sprouts daily under cold water can extend their life.

Sprouts may be frozen by blanching them over steam for three minutes and then cooling them in ice water. Drain them and pack into freezer containers.

- Some ofrepparttar 145710 Kinds of Seeds/Beans You Can Sprout -

The following list gives some ofrepparttar 145711 popularly sprouted seeds/beans. It is not all inclusive as you can sprout almost any kind of seed. Remember that seeds soak up 2-3 times their dry volume in water and sprouts need at least six timesrepparttar 145712 volume occupied byrepparttar 145713 seeds. So be sure that your container is large enough, and start with a minimal amount of seed in a container like a jar, until you determinerepparttar 145714 correct quantity that will grow torepparttar 145715 sprout size you like, without being difficult to remove.

Your local garden shop or health food store will carry a line of seeds for sprouting. When purchasing seeds for sprouting, be certain thatrepparttar 145716 seeds are intended for food and not for planting. This precaution is necessary because some seeds meant for planting have been treated with fungicides or insecticides to protectrepparttar 145717 young seedlings when planted in a field or garden.

Alfalfa - should be soaked for 6-12 hours. The seeds can be planted inrepparttar 145718 pots or jars and also inrepparttar 145719 flats with soil. 1-part seed gives 10-parts sprouts in approximately 5-6 days. Sprouts can be eaten after 3 days. Whenrepparttar 145720 root is 1-2 inches long, it will begin to develop tiny green leaves. At this stage, it needs to be eaten immediately sorepparttar 145721 plant will not switch to photosynthesis that exhaustsrepparttar 145722 stored food inrepparttar 145723 seed.

Peas - when soaked in a glass jar, will grow sprouts in about 3 days. Whenrepparttar 145724 roots are 2-inches long, they are ready to eat. 1-part peas gives 2-parts sprouts.

Lentils - can be grown in either a glass jar or a plant pot and need to be soaked for 12-hours. The sprouts are ready in 3-4 days. Lentil sprouts are ready to be eaten whenrepparttar 145725 root is 1-inch long. 1-part lentils gives 6-parts sprouts.

Barley, Oats, and Rye - should be soaked for 12-hours and then can either be grown as "grass" to harvest, or sprouts ready to eat after 3-4 days. The ideal length for eating is about 1/2-inch. 1-part seed gives 2-parts sprouts.

Soybeans - can be grown in a glass jar or a pot. They need to be soaked for 12-hours and sprouts are usually ready after 3-5 days. They are ready to eat whenrepparttar 145726 root is 2-inches long. 1-part beans gives 4-parts sprouts.

Mung Beans - after soaking for 12-hours, these beans can be grown by any method. Mung beans arerepparttar 145727 most commonly grown sprouts and are usually ready to eat after 3-5 days. Whenrepparttar 145728 bright, white root grows from 1-2 inches long, they are ready to eat. 1-part beans gives 4-parts sprouts.

By growing your own sprouts, you will save yourself money because it is less expensive to buy sprout seeds and grow and harvestrepparttar 145729 sprouts yourself, than it is to buyrepparttar 145730 sprouts from a market. Sprouting at home takes only a few minutes a day, and can produce a good part of your daily requirements ofrepparttar 145731 nutrients you need from fresh produce. The hassles are minor,repparttar 145732 costs are low, andrepparttar 145733 freshness is wonderful.

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