How to make the most out of "Paid Submissions to Search Engines"

Written by Alison Berke Morano

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excellent investment of your marketing $$. 3.Inktomi ( Formerly one ofrepparttar largest Search Engines out there, Inktomi now has secure listing results coming up in over 125 Search Engine partners, including: AOL, iWon, MSN & HotBot. For $20 per URL (& $10 for each additional page per URL) you will be listed in repparttar 128219 directory in 24-48 hours, and they will RESPIDER your page every 48 hours. 4.NBCi (,566,home-1078,00.html? – While NBCi (formerly Snap – a VERY popular Search Engine) doesn’t charge to ‘submit’ your website, they are now offering a "Promote Your Site" option. For $199 (after March 1, 2001), they will guarantee that one of their live editors will review your website for inclusion in their ‘recommended sites’ listings. Since NBCi is a human-edited directory, your placement improves greatly if a live person has a hand in your listing..

The above are a few "must do’s" for today Search Engine submissions, and please take note that "inclusion" inrepparttar 128220 Directory does not guarantee Top Placement. The only way to insure #1 positioning is through good Meta Tags & inrepparttar 128221 fast growing case of Pay-Per-Click & Sponsored Listings. But, that’s another article.

***Additional Note about Yahoo!: Once you’re inrepparttar 128222 directory, Yahoo! also offersrepparttar 128223 opportunity to "Sponsor" your category. For prices ranging from $25 - $300/month (more for REALLY popular categories), you can have a text ad running inrepparttar 128224 Sponsored Sites area aboverepparttar 128225 regular results. This is great if you’re one of only 5 sponsors for that category. Whenrepparttar 128226 cateogry has over 5 sponsors, andrepparttar 128227 ads are rotated each timerepparttar 128228 page comes up. At, we’re still testingrepparttar 128229 results of these Sponsorships and will know more in a few weeks

Alison Berke Morano, owner of, is an Inernet Marketing expert with 6 years of experience in Search Engine & Website marketing.

Analysing And Creating Highly Popular Web Pages

Written by David Gikandi

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Meticulously inspectrepparttar top ranking page, countingrepparttar 128218 total words and keyword frequencies on each element ofrepparttar 128219 page. Some elements may be missing; some pages may not have meta tags. Don't worry about that because sometimes an engine may actually give a page a higher rank withoutrepparttar 128220 meta tags. One easy and fast way of analysing these pages is by using a software package designed for that. Three such packages arerepparttar 128221 GRSoftware Keyword Density Analyzer, WebPosition Page Analyzer and PositionWeaver PRO. Userepparttar 128222 exact word counts and keyword frequencies found onrepparttar 128223 top ranking pages. You may be tempted to add or reduce fromrepparttar 128224 word count or frequency a little, but do not do that. That may actually cause your page to rank poorly since it may not passrepparttar 128225 fine mathematical margins that engines set.

The next step is to edit your current pages or make new ones that have these exact same statistics. For example, if your current home page has a title that is 17 words long and has your keyword appearing 4 times, and your research indicates thatrepparttar 128226 top-ranking page has a title 8 words long withrepparttar 128227 keyword appearing once atrepparttar 128228 beginning ofrepparttar 128229 title, then change your home page that way. Dorepparttar 128230 same for allrepparttar 128231 other elements. You can also use software such as PositionWeaver or a database software or script if you can create one to build new pages with these statistics.

Once that is done,repparttar 128232 final step is to submit your home page and wait. If you did your job correctly, then in a few days or weeks (sometimesrepparttar 128233 engines take a while to index) you will see some very encouraging increases on your site traffic. And withrepparttar 128234 high popularity thatrepparttar 128235 top search engines enjoy,repparttar 128236 rewards are very much worth all this effort.

David Gikandi ( is CEO at (

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