How to make more money from the google adsense ads on your blog

Written by Chris K.

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Write interesting relevant content

Writing interesting, relevant and captivating content for your website or blog will yield many useful benefits that will ultimately impact on your google adsense earnings. To start with, it is a well know fact thatrepparttar longer you can keep your visitors in your site,repparttar 150093 higherrepparttar 150094 chances of you selling them something. The same is true with clicksrepparttar 150095 longer you can keep them wandering around your siterepparttar 150096 higherrepparttar 150097 chances that they will end up clicking at some of your google ads and thus earn you something. Well written, relevant content will also make cause your visitors to return again, another vital and highly desirable reaction that makes a website successful. It is much easier to attract back a previous visitor than to win over a new one.

Having interesting and relevant copy at your site isrepparttar 150098 most effective way of attracting visitors and keeping them longer at your site. Interesting content will also cause your visitors to return again and again. All this will have a very positive impact on your google adsense earnings.

Post your content elsewhere

Posting your quality, attractive content elsewhere will increaserepparttar 150099 number of quality links leading back to your site. This will help build uprepparttar 150100 traffic to your website which should have a direct bearing on your google earnings. The higherrepparttar 150101 traffic a site has,repparttar 150102 higherrepparttar 150103 clicks and thisrepparttar 150104 higherrepparttar 150105 earnings.

The position of your adsense ads matters

Do not ignore advice given by google to affiliates on where ads work best. For example posting them onrepparttar 150106 left is always better thanrepparttar 150107 right becauserepparttar 150108 eye’ attention will always be caught byrepparttar 150109 left beforerepparttar 150110 right. Another good place to post ads is atrepparttar 150111 bottom ofrepparttar 150112 page.


About the author: Chris K. is a Technical Executive Writer for Website Source, Inc. His established writing skills coupled with experience in the website hosting industry have provided internet professionals with marketing, product and service ideas for many years.

The Best Way To Get Real Estate Listings

Written by © 2005 Lanard Perry

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But wait a second. Although expired real estate listings are easy to find you still need to know what to do to get them.

Converting Expired Listings to New Ones

Converting expired listings to current listings is like most other things. You have to haverepparttar right tools and skill set to getrepparttar 150092 job done, or else you end up wasting lots of valuable time and money. In this instance it could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost commissions.

Owners of expired listings are as close to a captive audience as you're going to get in real estate. Many still want to sell their properties and may be tired of being stuck. Stuck with bad tenants, double mortgages, property taxes they'd hoped to avoid having to pay.

Sure, some change their minds and decide not to sell. But many are still primed to relist again and are waiting forrepparttar 150093 right Realtor withrepparttar 150094 right approach. That can be you as easily as anybody else. But you have to come prepared, or don't come at all.

With so much at stake and so much money to earn do yourself a favor and get yourself a real estate listing system. Even as you read this agents with systems are getting listings. What’s that phrase again? “He who hesitates _____!

Without a system of some kind you might be yet another person who tried and failed. But with one you can become an impact player and making a good living doing what you want to do.

Remember, owners of expired listings have a problem that you can help resolve. But in order to get their business you must come with your "A" game.

If you don't have a real estate listing system you should get one. The few dollars you spend now will be returned a thousand times over and may prove to be one ofrepparttar 150095 best investments you ever made.

Lanard Perry is the author of "Farming Expired Listings", a real estate listing system that shows how to list 1-2 listings a week. Visit for a Free Sample Chapter.

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