How to make money online with a newsletter

Written by Joel Teo

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4.Ensure your email newsletter gets delivered

Today withrepparttar proliferation of span filters there are many emails that are not getting through to their intended readers. There are a couple of solutions to this problem:

One of them involves putting your newsletter on your website and emailing your readers with just your link to your website to reduce your chances of your email getting caught byrepparttar 145113 span filters.

Another method involves ditchingrepparttar 145114 whole idea of email and using direct to desktop readers. Your subscriber downloads a desktop reader and when your newsletter is ready for collection, your desktop readers will then inform you.

With a greater delivery rate, you can see your profits increase exponentially.

5.Use attention grabbing headers

The really advanced affiliate marketers test everything and one ofrepparttar 145115 things they do involves testing their headlines. The use of attention emotion stirring words tend to increase repparttar 145116 chances of your newsletter reader opening your email. An example would be in order here. “Secrets of wealth generation revealed in this issue of your Widget newsletter”.

Your header therefore should invoke curiosity inrepparttar 145117 reader so that they open up your newsletter email and click to view it. Obviouslyrepparttar 145118 more eyeballs you have reading your email repparttar 145119 higher your profits are going to be.

6.Choose applicable affiliate programs

One simple way to make money from your email list is to recommend affiliate products that fit in withrepparttar 145120 theme of your list. So if your list deals with children education for instance, you could recommend children education toys to your list as a possible choice for a Christmas present. Always choose products that you have personally seen and consider good. Treat your email list like gold and your readers will be very loyal and thank you forrepparttar 145121 recommendation.

In conclusion, making money with an email list is not that difficult but it takes effort and each step you take today will pay off richly inrepparttar 145122 future. By treating your newsletter readers as your friends, they will be able to trust you and your recommendations and help you earn commissions when they do purchase what you tell them. The world of online internet marketing is ever expanding and you can make some money with your email list today if you make repparttar 145123 effort to try.

Joel Teo is a work at home business owner, the owner of several highly successful money making websites.


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The Three Principles Of Image Optimization

Written by George Peirson

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This is our First Principle of Image File Size Reduction: Userepparttar smallest image dimensions that will work with your layout. And likewiserepparttar 145098 fewer images onrepparttar 145099 page,repparttar 145100 fewer image pixels, thereforerepparttar 145101 smallerrepparttar 145102 page size.

Since GIF and JPEG image formats use different methods of saving image information, they tend to be better at showing some types of images and worse at showing others.

GIF images, since they are limited to 256 colors per image, are better at displaying images with large solid blocks of color and images with very small physical dimensions. The GIF format will produce smaller file sizes than JPEG for these types of images.

JPEG images are better at showing gradients or subtle changes from one color to another. Therefore JPEGs reproduce photographs very well, or any other image with gradations. The JPEG format will produce smaller file sizes for these types of images thanrepparttar 145103 GIF format will.

This is our Second Principle of Image File Size Reduction: Chooserepparttar 145104 correct image format forrepparttar 145105 image you are using. Most web pages will contain a combination of GIF and JPEG images.

Decreasingrepparttar 145106 coding is called image compression. Both GIF and JPEG images can be compressed butrepparttar 145107 process is different. In GIF images we try to limitrepparttar 145108 number of colors, in a JPEG image we use software algorithms to remove redundant information fromrepparttar 145109 file.

Whenever we compress a file we will lose some image quality. We have to reach a balance between a small file size and acceptable image quality.

This is our Third Principle of Image File Size Reduction: Findrepparttar 145110 least acceptable level of image quality. Most images can handle some compression with very little quality loss, and all images can stand more image quality loss and still be acceptable. Your job is to decide how much quality loss you can accept. In other words,repparttar 145111 lowerrepparttar 145112 quality,repparttar 145113 smallerrepparttar 145114 file size.

GIF images can usually be reduced from 256 colors to 128 colors or less,repparttar 145115 fewer colors usedrepparttar 145116 smallerrepparttar 145117 file size. JPEG images can almost always be reduced to a quality setting of 80% and frequently can be reduced down to as little as 15-30%. So when you use a higher compression level (smaller number)repparttar 145118 file size will be reduced. Experiment withrepparttar 145119 image, try smaller and smaller settings until you findrepparttar 145120 smallest setting that still displays an acceptable quality.

The fastest loading page will have no images andrepparttar 145121 slowest loading page will be completely filled with full resolution images. If you work towards controlling your images usingrepparttar 145122 principles outlined above you will have a very lean web page that will load quickly and be viewed favorably byrepparttar 145123 search engines.

George Peirson is a successful Entrepreneur and Internet Trainer. He is the author of over 30 multimedia based video training titles covering such topics as Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver. To see his training sets visit

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