How to make hoop earrings

Written by Janice

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Now makerepparttar first earring. Threadrepparttar 145343 first set of bead with beading wire. Then back again throughrepparttar 145344 first bead.

Twistrepparttar 145345 2 ends ofrepparttar 145346 wire together to and loop this twisted wire throughrepparttar 145347 hoop inrepparttar 145348 earring casting, hook or finding. If there isn't a loop, then looprepparttar 145349 wire aroundrepparttar 145350 lowest prong ofrepparttar 145351 casting before settingrepparttar 145352 stone intorepparttar 145353 casting and closing uprepparttar 145354 prongs. Close that bottom prong a little loosely to allowrepparttar 145355 hoop to move fluidly.

Twistrepparttar 145356 wire back overrepparttar 145357 top bead to fasten it and cut offrepparttar 145358 excess wire. That's one earring.

Repeat to makerepparttar 145359 second earring.

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Railroading Stitches

Written by Katrina Renouf

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Railroading makesrepparttar surface ofrepparttar 145342 work flatter, improves floss coverage, and some say it maximizes light reflected byrepparttar 145343 floss.

A short cut is to railroad onlyrepparttar 145344 half ofrepparttar 145345 stitch that lies on top, as this isrepparttar 145346 one that is seen most clearly, although some stitchers say that they can seerepparttar 145347 bottom leg ofrepparttar 145348 stitch clearly, too.

If you are unsure whether or not to do it, try an experiment. Do a row or two of "unrailroaded" and some of "full railroaded." You'll see a definite difference. Now do a row of "half railroaded." What do you think? Is there enough of a difference to meritrepparttar 145349 extra time?

If you are using blended floss (2 colors) I donít think it matters what side ofrepparttar 145350 needle either of color is on, and it doesnít need to be consistent. It only matters that itís flat.

And if you're doing satin stitch or bargello or some other stitch which has long stitches, your work will definiately be better if you railroad.

Katrina Renouf is the founder and owner of the cross stitch website

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