How to make an online survey work

Written by Phil Blasco

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An estimatation ofrepparttar time needed: giverepparttar 147942 people an idea of how much timerepparttar 147943 survey will take to complete.

A mix of open and closed questions: A closed question gives quantitative information. Example: Please raterepparttar 147944 usability ofrepparttar 147945 web site ? Very good – Good – Average – Bad – Very bad An open question gives qualitative information. Example: What subject would like to see onrepparttar 147946 site ? Users are free to answer as they want to.

Closed questions are much easier to analyze. With an open questions you may get as many different answers as respondents. It is sometimes useful to mix open and closed inrepparttar 147947 same question. Example: What subject would like to see onrepparttar 147948 site ? Answer: News – Interviews – Pictures – Games – Other, please specify. Therefore a good ratio is one open question for five closed questions.

No personal information that are not necessary: do you needrepparttar 147949 snailmail address orrepparttar 147950 phone number ? The more personal information you ask,repparttar 147951 fewerrepparttar 147952 responses you will get as people will give up alongrepparttar 147953 way.

Ask respondents to leave a comment atrepparttar 147954 end ofrepparttar 147955 survey. Inform them that you can use a comment as a testimonial.

Let users enter a sweepstake, offer exclusive content, give them a giveaway, anything to motivate people to takerepparttar 147956 survey.

When you writerepparttar 147957 questions and answers, always have in mind what it will take to analyze them. Do not offer too many answers. Do not ask too many open questions. More answers mean multiple different results and a risk thatrepparttar 147958 trend that should be there is diluted and cannot be seen.

The best tool to analyzerepparttar 147959 answers is a spreadsheet such as Excel. Although some online survey tools are able to analyzerepparttar 147960 answers.

It is not recommended to giverepparttar 147961 results online torepparttar 147962 users as it can influence people who have not takenrepparttar 147963 survey yet and informrepparttar 147964 competition.

Some suggested questions to ask in a survey are:

What do you think ofrepparttar 147965 web site content ? Very good – Good – Average – Bad – Very bad

Raterepparttar 147966 usability ofrepparttar 147967 site ? Very good – Good – Average – Bad – Very bad

Is it easy to find relevant content onrepparttar 147968 site ? Yes – No

Do you likerepparttar 147969 design ofrepparttar 147970 site ? Yes – No

What content would like to see onrepparttar 147971 site ? Open question, users are free to answer what they want to

After 100 or 1,000 surveys filled and analyzed, you already have a good snapshot ofrepparttar 147972 users' opinion. The next step is to adaptrepparttar 147973 web site based onrepparttar 147974 survey's results and satisfyrepparttar 147975 users.

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How to Build Web Traffic Daily

Written by Kevin Allman

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The added advantage with articles as well, is that you can post them on other related websites. By doing this, you can create numerous backlinks by including your link atrepparttar end of your article.

Search engines love Article content; but we’ll go more into Search Engines inrepparttar 146792 next section.

IV -Search Engines --------------------------------

Search engines are great for driving web traffic if you can get into aboutrepparttar 146793 top 30 results for popular search terms. With Google, rankings depend largely on backlinks and PR.

In addition to these two variables; another variable is Onpage Optimization.

Onpage optimization is basicallyrepparttar 146794 editing of your HTML code so that its ideal for placement in search engine results.

This editing may includingrepparttar 146795 editing of meta tags, descriptions, keywords and content realignment.

Quick tips for Onpage optimization for web traffic

1. Use H1 header tags

Make sure that this tag contains your keyword.

2. Use H2 tags.

Largely taken as a subheading, make sure this also contains your main keyword;

3. Evenly spread keywords

Also, with regards torepparttar 146796 content, try to make reference to your keyword regularly, but not too often. Try to mention it evenly throughoutrepparttar 146797 document. This is whererepparttar 146798 article writing fromrepparttar 146799 previous sections comes in handy. With your articles, make sure that

There are numerous other Onpage Optimization tips I can give you, but I go into that more inrepparttar 146800 Optimization tips article HERE.

V - Discussion Boards/Forums --------------------------------

Discussion forums are a great way to get your message out and generate even more web traffic.

To find these forums use your keyword andrepparttar 146801 word 'forums' with

For example, ‘Cat forums’. Make sure that you keep a log of all of them. You’ll want to be making regular posts here.

On registering, try to include your URL and a brief description of your website in your signature. If you make regular posts onrepparttar 146802 forums, and change signatures every once in a while to reflect what’s going on at your website, you will have a steady stream of visitors.

For example, an example signature could be ‘ – ‘How to make cats happy’ article just posted 12/34/04’.

On these boards, you will also realize that there are several recurring questions new persons ask.

With reference torepparttar 146803 Cats forums; there may be a question which you find reoccurs 'How should I groom my Cat?'.

If you can create an article to answer each of these questions, you can always postrepparttar 146804 link to your article everytime a newbie asks question. This will drive fresh users to your website and once your website has in great content; will ensure repeat user and more web traffic.

VI - Conclusion --------------------------------

There are always new ways of finding means of developing web traffic. Offline promotion such as developing business cards can also help. You've only just begun your journey! The last thing I want to say is that fresh content ALWAYS brings return vistors; keep adding content; and your visitors will return time after time.

With that said I wish you allrepparttar 146805 best with your web traffic quest!

Kevin Allman is a webmaster with over ten years Internet experience. He runs a Search Engine Optimization website at which contains many articles on how to optimize your website.

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