How to make a name for yourself on the 21st century Internet

Written by Ace Bravo

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I've put carefully selected links on my site to help you find all that you need to create your own web site. You will find links for free domain hosting, Internet access and much more.

One little note about free domain hosting, I do not recommend it if you are going for a professional and trusted web site. Also, sponsors who will be paying you don't like that.

Next, you get busy designing your site. Go to different sites onrepparttar web to get yourself an idea on what your site should look like. Think how to make a better layout, better colouring etc.

Let's say you have registered your domain name, got an ISP to host it for you and now you site is up and running then what? Well, before anything else you need to make your site known torepparttar 132117 world and to do that you need to add it to allrepparttar 132118 major search engines and directories. This is free so start with Yahoo and follow exactly their submission instructions. Other search engines will just ask you to type in your URL and their crawler will take care ofrepparttar 132119 rest, but for this to work properly your META TAGS should be correct. I'm assuming you've done your homework and usedrepparttar 132120 links on my site torepparttar 132121 various locations where you can learn all about HTML in no time.

So now you have a web site with good content that is searchable on almost allrepparttar 132122 major search engines. You are almost there if you've made this far, you've proven you have strong determination.

Next, start contacting sponsors, usually you need to submit an application and in no time they will reply and guide you throughrepparttar 132123 process of becoming an Affiliate. You will get to know allrepparttar 132124 sponsors and know which to choose.

Again, you can always go to as a reference. Say you want to contact a sponsor but you need a name or URL, looking around on my site you'll get allrepparttar 132125 information you need.

Ace Bravo is a Canadian entrepreneur writing articles in various news lists and how-to magazines. By profession, Ace is an Internetwork Design Engineer. He is the creator/owner of the successful

Guaranteeing an Increase in Your Site Traffic

Written by David Gikandi

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Fact (5): This last fact is obtained from simple observation of search results on major search engines. If you search for any term on most major search engines, you will notice that many ofrepparttar top ranking pages inrepparttar 132113 search results arerepparttar 132114 home pages of web sites (i.e.,repparttar 132115 default page of a domain name, such as index.htm, default.asp, index.html, etc). Also,repparttar 132116 domain names themselves often containrepparttar 132117 keywords being search for (e.g. a search for wedding gowns will result in pages with domains such as,,, etc.). This is especially so with HotBot ( That is not to say that other pages do not rank well. It just means that your pages will rank better ifrepparttar 132118 domain name orrepparttar 132119 page name containsrepparttar 132120 keywords being searched for.

Now that you have seen how absolutely logical and easy it is to get that much needed traffic to your web site, you can now go ahead and make it happen for you. The only obstacle is one: to make a significantly higher number of web pages than those that you currently have, and make these for a wider variety of related keywords than you already have, and optimize them all forrepparttar 132121 several major search engines, is not exactly a simple task if done manually. The hardest part isrepparttar 132122 optimization because that is a mathematical and constantly changing thing (the engines use math to rank pages and they constantly change their formulas). There are several options available to you to make your work easier. You could find a consultant who does this. Usually, this is quite expensive butrepparttar 132123 advantage is that you do not have to do anything yourself. You do have to be careful to choose a good consultant and not just anyone trying their luck at this. Your other option is to do it yourself. If you have a lot of time and know-how ofrepparttar 132124 workings ofrepparttar 132125 search engines, you could make templates and run them against your set of keywords to create your pages. The only danger with templates is that you could end up with duplicate pages that spamrepparttar 132126 engines. And this method can be a messy process. Your last and best option is to use software specifically designed for this job. This isrepparttar 132127 fastest, most reliable and accurate method. All you have to do is selectrepparttar 132128 right software package and everything else should take care of itself. This field is very new and currently very few packages exist that offer enough intelligence to dorepparttar 132129 job correctly. A search at ZDNet's should yield a selection of packages you can evaluate.

There are many other ways that people use to find new sites, such as following links on other sites, reading about sites on magazine, hearing from friends, etc. But no matter what other methods they use, they almost always use them in addition to usingrepparttar 132130 search engines, especially when actively trying to locate new information. If there was one thing you could not eliminate from a site's success driver and not ruin it, it is most usually its traffic fromrepparttar 132131 search engines. No other method of marketing is so powerful, effective, and affordable torepparttar 132132 majority of sites onrepparttar 132133 Internet. In fact, it is virtually free.

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