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There are table minimums and maximums at all casinos and most casinos have different tables with different amounts. *Each posted onrepparttar table.
A typical minimum is 25 cents per bet with a 75 cent minimum per spin ofrepparttar 134883 wheel. This covers bets on numbers only *-* other bets such as 1st 12 etc. will have a $1 minimum.
Now, read and learn each system detailed below before you try any of them at a casino - pick one or two you want to try.
This is a simple game of colors. Black and red. This has also been called a suckers bet and an absolutely terrible system because it does not go withrepparttar 134884 odds. However, it has consistently won for both myself and a large number of others. Because 1/2 ofrepparttar 134885 numbers are red, and 1/2 black ( minus of courserepparttar 134886 casino advantage of 0 of 00 ) a bet on a red or black number coming up has a 50-50 chance of winning. If you were able to accurately pickrepparttar 134887 correct color every-other spin, you would break even, minus 2 in every 38 spins ( for 0, 00 ). With this in mind, tryrepparttar 134888 following:
Bet on a color. If you win, take your winning and leave your original bet forrepparttar 134889 next spin. ( A good idea is to start at $1 if you are interested in playing for a long period of time and maybe winning some money. You can bet more such as $3 to $5 if you can afford it and are hoping to win some big money ). If you lose, double your bet. If you continue to lose you may wish to continue doubling your bet, or quit and takerepparttar 134890 lose. Then start over again, as long as you win, take your winnings and leave your original bet.
Remember, you ALWAYS haverepparttar 134891 same odds of your bet winning even ifrepparttar 134892 other color has come up 100 times in a row. I have had nights when I never lost more than 3 straight times, but I have also seenrepparttar 134893 same color come up 12 straight times.

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