How to lure 'em in with this powerful headline...

Written by Joe Chapuis

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Now, visit What does it say? " - Your free, private family website. It's quick, easy and free."

Well spank my bottom and call me Sally! Finally, we've found someone who's not asleep atrepparttar wheel. What doesrepparttar 101177 MyFamily title accomplish thatrepparttar 101178 others do not? It...

- piques curiosity. Words like "free", "private", "quick", and "easy" lure you in. - involves and appeals torepparttar 101179 reader by usingrepparttar 101180 word "Your..." - is a great "unique selling proposition" (USP) which sets them a part from everyone else. - talks in terms ofrepparttar 101181 anticipated benefitsrepparttar 101182 visitor can expect to receive. - improves their rankings inrepparttar 101183 search engines due to important keywords inrepparttar 101184 title. - is more likely to generate a click-through in a search engine where results are displayed by title. - increasesrepparttar 101185 likelihood of return visits from people who bookmark their page (by default, bookmark descriptions are usually created in your browser using a site's title).

Surf around and you'll see companies and sites so enamored with themselves and their big fat corporate egos that they fail to realize no one outsiderepparttar 101186 company knows what their company or site is about.

Therein liesrepparttar 101187 problem. The little guy wants to be likerepparttar 101188 big guy. How does he do it? By copyingrepparttar 101189 big guy. As a result, we have countless web sites that fail to understand and incorporaterepparttar 101190 most fundamental rule of copy writing. Don't emulaterepparttar 101191 big guys. They're out of touch.

If you need help developing your headline-writing skills, one of my favorite business books is Tested Advertising Methods by legendary ad man John Caples. In this classic, he dedicates five chapters and seventy pages torepparttar 101192 art of craftingrepparttar 101193 perfect headline. His chapter "Thirty Five Proven Formulas for Writing Headlines" by itself, is worthrepparttar 101194 price ofrepparttar 101195 book.

Look at your web site fromrepparttar 101196 perspective of a newcomer or first time visitor. Are you assuming they'll know what it's about? If so, make some changes and TELL them what it's about with a fantastic, attention-grabbing headline. You'll be pleased withrepparttar 101197 results.

Wishing you much online success...

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Customer Preferences in Online Advertising-Part 1 of 3

Written by Karon Thackston

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It's just as I've stated for years. Let your target market lead your decision to use long or short copy. Those seeking information on affiliate programs, MLM programs, high-investment products or services, etc. are going to be seeking more information than someone in search of a new bathrobe. For more detail in this area, visit Here are some suggestions you can use to help build a successful information-type ad:

1.Include statistics - When you make a sales claim, back it up with information, including statistics. You might say, "Our saucepans have a non-stick coating that's guaranteed for life. In actual, in-home testing, food did not stick to our saucepans 98.3% ofrepparttar time."

2.Include targeted benefits - You must include targeted benefits to make your message hit its mark. Let's takerepparttar 101176 saucepan example a bit further. "Our saucepans have a non-stick coating that's guaranteed for life. In actual, in-home testing, food did not stick to our saucepans 98.3% ofrepparttar 101177 time. You get omelets that come out ofrepparttar 101178 pan whole. You get sautéed chicken that makes a beautiful presentation onrepparttar 101179 plate. You get less waste, less burnt food and more healthy cooking because you use no oil." Now those are benefits any chef would think are important.

3.Provide content on your site that backs up your claims - As you surfrepparttar 101180 Web take note of information that supports your advertising claims. Surveys, research, reports, testimonials, etc. can all provide valuable information that could move a customer fromrepparttar 101181 point-of-decision torepparttar 101182 point- of-purchase.

4.Submit articles - Customers looking for information are much more likely to respond to a URL listed in an article than a bold-faced advertisement. Because articles provide information in a non-threatening way, they work alongrepparttar 101183 same level as endorsements and referrals. Write articles relating to your area of expertise and submit them to article archive sites and Ezine publishers.

5.Offer a free report - Give away information free with a purchase or subscription to your newsletter. Since information is what surfers are looking to receive, it will work as a big incentive.

Next inrepparttar 101184 series will be a focus on ads that are avoided and shunned by online customers… and how to be sure yours isn't one of them!

Karon is Owner and President of KT & Associates who offers targeted copywriting, copy editing & ghostwriting services. Subscribe to KT & Associates' Ezine "Business Essentials" at or visit her site at

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