How to know when you're on a winner

Written by Jon Lonergan

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Removingrepparttar changes which happened anyway forrepparttar 149474 whole Campaign,repparttar 149475 final difference forrepparttar 149476 effect ofrepparttar 149477 workshop onrepparttar 149478 training group was one month +12.80% two months +16.24% three months +16.95%

Over three monthsrepparttar 149479 workshop produced a 16.95% increase in sales conversion rates.

Thenrepparttar 149480 workshop was repeated for another 6 CRMs and after only one monthrepparttar 149481 change (minus Campaign change) was 16.30% improvement in sales conversion rates.

Getting CRMs from different teams meansrepparttar 149482 change is not due to one Team Leader for some reason bringing about a special improvement. Comparingrepparttar 149483 test group withrepparttar 149484 whole Campaign means they're not undergoing an improvement which is happening anyway, asrepparttar 149485 full Campaign serves as a control group forrepparttar 149486 test group.

This makes measurement a no-brainer.

Interestingly when I told one ofrepparttar 149487 CRMs his sales had gone up 45% overrepparttar 149488 three months he said "Oh I didn't realise". So even those who benefit from change are not necessarilyrepparttar 149489 best judge ofrepparttar 149490 value of that change, Luckily with mechanisms in place to keep track we can make an informed objective judgment.

That was just one example but since all modern Call Centres haverepparttar 149491 equipment in place to dorepparttar 149492 same, it's a waste of resources if they're not doing some research like this at this very moment. Maybe giving a group of CRMs an apple a day would result in increased sales. Maybe giving them an extra 10 min break would do that too. Maybe oranges would be better. Who knows?

The key is to try something and then measure it.

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What is the CMMI?

Written by Francis Dion

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ů Torepparttar quality assurance analysts: a. What isrepparttar 149270 object of Quality Assurance? b. How is it different from Quality Control? From Testing? c. Who, inrepparttar 149271 organization, knows aboutrepparttar 149272 Quality Assurance activities and results?

If people in your organization cannot answer these questions right away or if nobody knows what these roles are or who performs them, then your staff has an urgent need for some education in their respective trade. Why not start with a primer onrepparttar 149273 CMMI?

2. UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU STAND Are you doing better or worst than your peers and competitors?

When it comes to process improvement, are you "cutting edge" or a laggard organization?

How can you tell?

The CMMI is both complete and universally relevant, allowing for very precise and detailed benchmarking of process performance within as well as across organizations and industry segments.

3. GETTING A STRUCTURE, LOGICAL, TIME-PROVEN ROADMAP FOR IMPROVEMENT Rather than being a recipe to be followed blindly and faithfully,repparttar 149274 CMMI is a well-organized list of things that need to be taken care of in order to be systematically successful in your development projects. Aligning your improvement plan torepparttar 149275 CMMI levels ensures that you don't forget anything and effectively protects you fromrepparttar 149276 infamous "tunnel vision" effect.

4. POSITIONING YOURSELF AS A BEST-PRACTICE COMPANY If your organization develops products, you probably want your clients (be them internal or external) to look up to you as a disciplined, knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy supplier. Adhering torepparttar 149277 principles and practices ofrepparttar 149278 CMMI will go a long way to achieve this, both in your clients' perceptions and in reality. Publicly committing to following repparttar 149279 CMMI is like saying "We will dorepparttar 149280 right things, and we will do them right".

CONCLUSION: Isrepparttar 149281 CMMI right for you? Unless you believe that common sense does not apply to your context, thenrepparttar 149282 CMMI is a powerful tool to guide your process improvements efforts. Whether yours is a mega-corporation with thousands of employees or a small outfit with just a handful of developers,repparttar 149283 CMMI can help you deliver better products faster.

Studies have shown that companies that invest 5% to 10% of their operating costs into process improvement typically experience a return on investment of 100%repparttar 149284 first year and upwards of 400% after 3 to 5 years. These returns on investments are based on reductions inrepparttar 149285 number of defects, faster time to market, improvements in estimation capabilities and better project control resulting in fewer schedule and cost overruns.

If you are underrepparttar 149286 impression that your company or organization is too small to benefit fromrepparttar 149287 CMMI, then consider this: Are you too small for your projects to be late? For your requirements to be vague and imprecise, resulting in a lot of rework and unsatisfied customer? Do you sometime worry that your team won't Be able to deliver in time forrepparttar 149288 next trade show, yet don't know how help them out? If you can relate to any of these situations, then look more closely into CMMI. It's no silver bullet, but you just might sleep better at night!


For additional information: Ľ The CMMI web site: Ľ Some return on investment Ľ Process Academy's web site:

A PDF version of this article can be found at:


Aboutrepparttar 149289 Author: Franšis Dion is a software development and process improvement specialist. He is an authorized CMMI trainer as well as a certified process assessor and auditor.

Aboutrepparttar 149290 Sponsor: DOVICO Software has been a global market leader in timesheet and project tracking solutions since 1989, producing time related products that help clients attain CMMI standards. An example of such CMMI standards are Timing Devices through which end-users can track time associated withrepparttar 149291 phases they are in to meet PSP and/or TSP guidelines. To learn more about DOVICO's solutions, go to

About the Author: Franšis Dion is a software development and process improvement specialist. He is an authorized CMMI trainer as well as a certified process assessor and auditor.

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