How to keep your postal mail private and secure

Written by Max Penn

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HOW YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR MAIL PRIVATE For security of personal correspondence I recommend double-wrapping your private letters, but with a bit of a change. Instead of sealing justrepparttar edges ofrepparttar 143181 inner envelope, i use clear sealing tape or clear packing tape.

1- Cut a lenght of tape twicerepparttar 143182 lenght of your inner envelope. Placerepparttar 143183 tape on a table, adhesive side up. You may need two strips of sealing/packing tape to coverrepparttar 143184 entire width ofrepparttar 143185 envelope (I was able to obtain 4-inch-wide packing tape, which works well forrepparttar 143186 smaller 3 5/8 x 6-inch personal correspondence envelopes, from a local moving company). 2- Now, after sealing your envelope, place it onrepparttar 143187 adhesive portion ofrepparttar 143188 tape and then foldrepparttar 143189 tape aroundrepparttar 143190 envelope so that it covers all surfaces.Leave a slight edge of tape aroundrepparttar 143191 envelope so that you can have an adhesive-toadhesive seal. This type of seal, covering all surfaces ofrepparttar 143192 envelope, is damn near impossible to get into in a surreptitious manner.

3- Now, placerepparttar 143193 sealed envelope in an out envelope and seal and address it normally.

The outer envelope doesn't stand out from other letters, but your private correspondence sealed inside is protected from snoops.

Evenrepparttar 143194 old tricks of using chemical sprays to makerepparttar 143195 envelope momentarily transparent won't work becauserepparttar 143196 inner envelope is completely wrapped in tape and therefore impenetrable by these sprays.

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Mother Tongue Communications Ltd Announces the release of 'WORDFLOW' an On-Line Translation Management System

Written by Liz Toone

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Mark Dilks of Mother Tongue adds “The most costly elements of printing - down time and set-up - often up to 40% ofrepparttar print costs, can be completely avoided using WordFlow. We estimate savings of up to 30% inrepparttar 143056 first year alone”. The WordFlow concept has been rigorously tried and tested in a tough multinational market. The system's efficacy and substantial benefits are well proven.

With its just-in-time production and delivery capability, WordFlow can dramatically reduce print inventory costs, too. It also hasrepparttar 143057 facility to store digitally a vast amount of collateral artwork, to be called off and speedily amended as and when required.

Prior to establishing Mother Tongue Communications, its principal was a senior European Marketing Manager for a top 3 company inrepparttar 143058 Fortune 500 league, responsible for a wide range of above-, below- and through-the-line marketing collateral deployed in numerous countries acrossrepparttar 143059 continent.

He rapidly identified a number of damaging inconsistencies inrepparttar 143060 company's activities. The combined spend onrepparttar 143061 below-the-line activities was in excess of $5 million per annum.

The company then developed and implemented a process, similar to that of Mother Tongue Communications' WordFlow, withrepparttar 143062 following results.

• Total consistency of branding, message, corporate image and identity • Strict centralised control • Multilingual flexibility • Total accountability and traceability • Elimination of duplicated resources • Faster production times • More efficient use of manpower, particularly at national level • Substantial economies of scale in printing • Increased speed to market - enabling in-territory staff to focus on implementation inrepparttar 143063 field

Within three yearsrepparttar 143064 new streamlined system had savedrepparttar 143065 company $6.6 million with further savings accruing asrepparttar 143066 system was rolled-out globally.

Mother Tongue Communications LTD can be contacted atrepparttar 143067 following: Telephone/Fax:- Tel +44 (0) 1908 269872

Independent pr and marketing consultant, specialising in IT, sport and music, based near Milton Keynes, UK.

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