How to keep your kids busy if you really need to get some work done!

Written by Susanne Myers

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6) If your child is old enough have them help you by stuffing envelopes, filing papers, reorganizing your desk drawer. Encourage them to write an article for you, or teach them some basic html and have them create a personal or family website. Draw on your experience in your wah job or business and get them involved.

7) Trade Time OFF with your spouse. If he takesrepparttar kids torepparttar 142127 park, while you get some work done, you’ll keep them busy later, so he can washrepparttar 142128 car, changerepparttar 142129 oil, watch a ballgame or whatever else your significant other likes or needs to do withoutrepparttar 142130 kids.

8) Just ask your kids to give you some time to work. Offer to take them torepparttar 142131 park,repparttar 142132 Mall, Chuckey-Cheese, or wherever else they like to go once you get your stuff done. Then make sure you follow through, or this won’t workrepparttar 142133 next time.

9) If everything else fails, ask Grandma, or friend or neighbor you trust to watch your kids for a few hours. If you use this only once in a while they’ll be glad to spend some time withrepparttar 142134 kids.

Try to plan ahead as much as you can and get work done while your kids are in school, taking a nap or at night after they have gone to bed. Days that you have to fall back on these tips should berepparttar 142135 exception, notrepparttar 142136 rule. If you find yourself falling back on them almost every day, you may want to consider rearranging your schedule, cutting back onrepparttar 142137 amount of work you are doing, or, if you can afford it, get a in-house nanny for a few hours a day. A more cost effective solution would be to hire a teenager to keep your kids busy for a few hours after school in your house. Look at your options and decide what works best for you and your family.

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Buying Designer Baby Clothes Online

Written by John Range

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Online Shopping Precautions

When shopping for your baby's clothes online, take all precautions thatrepparttar site is safe before giving any credit card information. The baby clothes store automatic payment system ought to take you to a secure system, if it doesn't then considering phoning your order in torepparttar 142126 baby store instead. If you are buying baby clothes through an auction site such as eBay, make sure you readrepparttar 142127 clothing description carefully first, so you know ifrepparttar 142128 clothing has any listed damage. Checkrepparttar 142129 rating ofrepparttar 142130 person sellingrepparttar 142131 baby clothes and think carefully before buying baby clothing from anyone who has negative feedback for not delivering goods.

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