How to install a .rpm file

Written by Bill Holder

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type rpm -Uvh nameoffile.rpm

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This Host is Crap! Hundreds down the drain

Written by Kenneth L. Cluck III

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I decided to switch hosts, but stupidly I boughtrepparttar domain name from this web host! I asked for them to changerepparttar 150620 name servers, they said they would do it. Two weeks later it still hasn’t been done! Four times I complained and they “submittedrepparttar 150621 issue torepparttar 150622 concerns department” and it would be resolved within eight hours. Never happened! I’m still waiting for them to changerepparttar 150623 name servers! Working with this web host has been a nightmare! The software they offer is slow and crappy, andrepparttar 150624 support sucks (they never even answerrepparttar 150625 phone), AND they will not change my name servers!

This web hosting service isrepparttar 150626 one and only Dot5 Hosting! <- buyer’s beware

The owner of,,, and

Kenneth is also a web developer at Clearwater Web Solutions.

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