How to increase your ranking in search engines

Written by Nick McPherson

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Recipricol Linking Warning: Reciprocol linking is very time consuming, but does work. You will be glad you did it in 3 months. There are also some myths and truths when using Recipricol Linking. First of all, Quality is Better than Quantity, Links pointing to you, and no links on your page pointing back is good, and might even be better than reciprocol linking (Depending onrepparttar quality ofrepparttar 128292 site linking to you) Quality - If you want to get a good listing in a certain major search engine, take your top keyword, and search for it using this search engine. Go torepparttar 128293 top 50 sites listed for this keyword, and ask for a recipricol from every one of them, ask if they want a link returned to them after they agree to linking. If they don't - this is fine. Again, If your not listed at all with this search engine, and this may be your first site, not too many people are going to want to link with you. Well quality is top priority, but if you still need links, get alot of lower quality links. After all, Low quality links are better than none!

Aboutrepparttar 128294 Author: Nick McPherson has been successfull from home for a couple of years now, and has been looking for people to join his team. You can get more information here: or

Nick McPherson has been successfull from home for a couple of years now, and has been looking for people to join his team. You can get more information here: or

Google Ban - How not to get banned by Google!

Written by James Leckie

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Selling PageRank

Some sites have gone so far as to sell PageRank - i.e. selling links on highly ranked pages. You can sell links (i.e. advertising), but you cannot sell links forrepparttar stated purpose of increasing Google Pagerank.

Doorway Pages

A few years back, doorway (or gateway) pages were as common as normal pages - these are usually small pages, crammed full of keywords, designed solely forrepparttar 128291 purpose of gaining high rankings. They usually look awful and a site which uses a lot of doorway pages is likely to be penalised.

Excessive Cross-Linking

Some webmasters create multiple site, often with identical or similar content. They are then heavily linked together withrepparttar 128292 sole purpose of increasing Pagerank. Not recommended. If you have several sites, inter-linking is fine, but in moderation as with all search engine marketing techniques.

Submitting multiple URL's fromrepparttar 128293 same site

An example would be for a webmaster to submit and torepparttar 128294 Google database, thereby essentially trying to get two search results forrepparttar 128295 same page. If Google doesn't find a new site quickly anway, just submit your index page ONCE!

SEO Software

Don't use unauthorised computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate Google's terms of service. Google does not recommendrepparttar 128296 use of products that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.

If you follow these guidelines and steer clear of excessive search engine marketing techniques, you should be fine. Just remember to create a site with is faithful torepparttar 128297 product or service you are providing information on and you should be fine. Concentrate on exchanging quality links with similar sites and don't get too obsessed with your Google Pagerank. Quality, returning traffic isrepparttar 128298 goal.

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