How to increase sales by 50% just by adding one simple page to your site

Written by Robert Puddy

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upgrade torepparttar Product they are ready to buy. That new page tells them that for a measly extra $10.00 they can haverepparttar 127410 super duper version, or an extra item that will make there lives even easier. Testing shows that 50% of buyers will go forrepparttar 127411 upgrade they are already inrepparttar 127412 buying mood and they figure whatrepparttar 127413 heck I was going to spend $30 why not go forrepparttar 127414 extra $10 and get a better deal. (see I told you stop banging your head onrepparttar 127415 desk and see an example of this at work. If you go to this page and click onrepparttar 127416 order now link at repparttar 127417 bottom (don't worry you wont be charged) Two things will happen you will be sent to clickbank where you can startrepparttar 127418 process of purchasing, but also a popup will appear withrepparttar 127419 upgrade option. If you chooserepparttar 127420 upgrade that popup will redirect you to a different clickbank page where you can hand overrepparttar 127421 increased amount. It's neat, simple and works.

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5 WINNING Ways to Increase Sales at Your Site Right NOW!

Written by Derek Podlubny

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3. E-mail capture. It is a good idea to set up an e-mail capture form. Something like a Free Newsletter or Information request that enables you to get a potential customer's e-mail address so that you can inform them of special sales or offers. This is beneficial becauserepparttar customer has obviously already been to your site and has an idea of what your product is, now you just have to sell him on that idea. The key to sales is inrepparttar 127409 follow up!

4. Customer Testimonials. It's a good idea to ask for feedback from past customers not only to see if there's anything that you can improve upon, but also for a customer testimonials section. These are valuable because it is not you talking about your product, it is someone else. Customers often take what other people say into consideration more than whatrepparttar 127410 company itself says aboutrepparttar 127411 product, simply because they know that that person was a customer just like them.

5. Updated Info. If there are sections on your site that are updateable, then do so as often as possible. Updating your site not only increasesrepparttar 127412 rank in some search engines, but it also brings interested potential customers back to your site. Maybe they didn't buy this time, and they didn't sign up forrepparttar 127413 free newsletter, but next week's article on Bee Pollen may bring them back. Not only that, but they might e-mail your URL to a friend whom they think would findrepparttar 127414 article interesting.

So you see, it's not enough to be online anymore. You have to be online effectively! Do what you can to improve every aspect of your site, and you'll have them coming back for more!

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