How to improve your search engine position

Written by Polly Nelson

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Another thing you can do is to make sure that you provide useful and plentiful content on your site, for good indexing and good inbound links. You could include a press page on your site for all your media releases and mentions (you can submit press releases online at , amongst other places), or you could write useful articles to put on your site and submit them to relevant places online (good places to start include - there are many others, try to ensure you include a link to your site atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 127998 article).

Other online places to promote your site (if you haverepparttar 127999 time) include newsgroups and discussion lists. Use google groups to find appropriate discussions and make sure your 'signature' includes your website link.

When submitting your site torepparttar 128000 search engines, avoidrepparttar 128001 plethora of free programs onrepparttar 128002 internet that promise to submit you to 300+ engines - this is largely a waste of your time. Most search engines are powered byrepparttar 128003 few major ones, which usually have at least some sort of a free submit service. (If you are thinking of paying for a high search engine ranking,repparttar 128004 pay-per-click options offered by search engines such as can be a cost-effective option.) Make sure you submit torepparttar 128005 major engines and directories, including , , , , , , , .

Also, look for specialised directories for your sector. There are hundreds of these to be found, so takerepparttar 128006 time to searchrepparttar 128007 web for them ( is a good place to start) and get yourself listed; with a link to your site if at all possible as this will help with your search-engine positioning. Similarly, there are specialised search engines you can submit to: try for this.

Of course, you should make sure that your website address features on all your company stationery and literature.

Finally, a few words aboutrepparttar 128008 use of email to promote your site... Ensure allrepparttar 128009 emails you and your staff send have a signature which includes your website url; put a feedback form on your site and encourage users to leave their email to receive updates and offers from you; but whatever you do, don't send out bulk, unsolicited, untargeted emails - it will do more to damage your credibility than almost anything else.

There are, of course, many more strategies that can be used to better your search engine position and you should bear in mind that website promotion has to be an ongoing process. However, hopefullyrepparttar 128010 methods described above will help you start your quest for a top search engine ranking.

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Polly is FWOSS' research director and does a lot of search engine optimisation for clients. She writes many technological articles for the company, which can be viewed online.

Leading Your Web Designer to SEO

Written by Christian Nielsen

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What about redesigns?

The first and foremost rolerepparttar SEO has when a site is being redesigned is to ensure thatrepparttar 127997 web designer doesn't change allrepparttar 127998 page names when performing a site update. Otherwise, whenrepparttar 127999 new site is launched,repparttar 128000 traffic torepparttar 128001 site may substantially drop off when people click on search engine listings that no longer exist.

To combat this phenomenon,repparttar 128002 consultant will adviserepparttar 128003 designer to re-userepparttar 128004 old page names as much as possible. If that's not possible, there are two ways to deal with this problem:

1)A custom 404-error page can be installed to informrepparttar 128005 visitor thatrepparttar 128006 page(s) no longer exist and present them with several options to continue intorepparttar 128007 site. 2)Redirection pages can be set up which userepparttar 128008 old page name and an informative message forrepparttar 128009 visitor. The pages should offer one or more clickable links, and might include a timed-redirect that should be at least 30 seconds before takingrepparttar 128010 visitor torepparttar 128011 page withrepparttar 128012 new name.

The second option is more desirable, since it allowsrepparttar 128013 search engine to noterepparttar 128014 change, followrepparttar 128015 link torepparttar 128016 new page and add it to its index at some later point. And of course, if new pages are added, orrepparttar 128017 filenames have to change, it provides a chance to use filenames that can be optimized with keyword phrases.

Just as you are unlikely to turn an SEO consultant into a web designer, you can't turn a web designer into an SEO. However, SEO consultants and designers should work together to bring all of their skill sets torepparttar 128018 table. The SEO needs to understand that graphic images can be very important inrepparttar 128019 visual appeal of a well-designed web site, just asrepparttar 128020 designer needs to understandrepparttar 128021 benefit of having a home page title that says more than just “Home.”

Christian Nielsen is the owner of Nielsen Technical Services , which provides Internet consulting and SEO services, including the optimization of dynamic database-driven sites, and Blog optimization. The company maintains a policy of answering questions from clients and potential clients, even if they are just "tire kickers", and has a Blog that can be seen at which deals with (mostly) search engine related-issues.

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