How to improve your odds of winning the lotto by millions.

Written by Ed Flowers

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Looking atrepparttar table above, you may improve your odds by playing either 3 odd /2 even or 2 odd / 3 even. These rations accounted for almost 2/3 of all past winners. 30.74 + 35.28 = 66.02%

These ratios are always changing, but this pattern does occur across all lotto / lottery games. To seerepparttar 141787 current lottery ratios see

Best of luck, gotta swingrepparttar 141788 bat to hitrepparttar 141789 ball.

Ed is a serious lotto player and publishes free lotto results and stats at see the current ratios and the hottest/coldest numbers for Powerball, Megamillions and other major lotteries.

Television Is Not Just A Piece Of Furniture

Written by June Tolbert

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Today, most people use a cable connection to pick up their channels. Cable offers a much clearer reception. We have hundreds of television channels and networks now. We have many channels dedicated just to cartoons, just for sports, forrepparttar news, forrepparttar 141767 weather, for cooking and more. There is BET (Black Entertainment Television), MTV (Music Television), WE (Women's Entertainment) and many more. If you can think of it, they probably have a network dedicated to it.

There are also channels such as Cinemax, HBO and Showtime that are dedicated to movies. They were originally created just forrepparttar 141768 broadcast of movies on television but most of them now have their own sitcoms and series as well. With so many options, it seems we could watch television for ever. Of course, TV is no substitute for exercise and other forms of entertainment. When it is enjoyed in moderation, it is that much better when you watch it.


June Tolbert (name) is founder of All About Television an excellent resource site dedicated to information on Televison.

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