How to give your small business web site a corporate look

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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6. Add a toll free phone number and a physical mailing address, if possible. An 1-800 number always makes an impression on me as I can pick uprepparttar phone and ask a question of a real person.

7. Consider using a multiple-column site design instead of one or two columns. Take a look at big corporate web sites like,, - they are all constructed with at least 3-4 columns. I like to call it a "magazine" layout, becauserepparttar 134722 columns are also illustrated with small clipart or photographs and creates a really fancy commercial appearance.

8. Make your web site consistent. Choose a design and use it on every page, along with your logo. Don't make every page on your site look different like so many personal web sites do. It's distracting and confusing, and your visitors might not even realize they are still on your site.

9. Create a "Partners" section on your web site. List your affiliates, ad exchange partners, joint venture partners, or those people who published your articles. The word "partners" itself sounds so big and important that it will immediately boost your credibility inrepparttar 134723 eyes of your visitors. Just make sure to listrepparttar 134724 names professionally: instead of Joe Smith say "Founder ofrepparttar 134725 very first site for seniors awareness, Joe Smith".

10. Make sure your web site is filled with useful content. Put up a "Frequently Asked Questions" page, gather relevant articles with free reprint rights, as well as your own writings. Post your newsletter archives, tips, business history and owner's information. Most big corporate web sites have a wealth of helpful information.

11. Add a "Translate To Another Language" link to your web site. Simply go to, click on "Translate", chooserepparttar 134726 language, and type in your web site address. You will see your web site in a different language placed in a frame. Right-click on your web page and choose "Properties". Highlightrepparttar 134727 URL and link to it from your main web site.

For example, if you click on

you will see my translated into German. Too bad they didn't have a Russian translation - I am just dying to find out how to say "Helping Foot" in my native language :-)

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web and the author of two books: "Create Your First Busines Web Site in 10 days" and "65 Instant Web Design Answers".

Quick Web Site Start-up and Promotion Guide

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

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3. Locate up to 20 e-zines that targetrepparttar same audience that you are. Make sure they accept articles. Create a text file and record their e-mail address (where you will send your articles), e-zine's title and publisher's name.

TIP: If you want to save even more time inrepparttar 134721 long run, enter all this data into a mailing list program so all you would have to do is click "Send" button and your articles will be sent to everyone onrepparttar 134722 list.

Now your web site is set up andrepparttar 134723 promotion strategy is in place. The rest ofrepparttar 134724 plan will have to be implemented weekly to be effective.

4. Write one quality and informative article a week of interest to your target audience and dorepparttar 134725 following: - Add a resource box torepparttar 134726 article about you & your product - Add TITLE and META tags to it and submit to Search Engines - Post your article on your web site for content - Submit it torepparttar 134727 e-zine list you generated earlier - Submit it to article directories and lists

Here isrepparttar 134728 list of most popular article directories and lists:

5. Locate up to 3 popular forums where your target audience hangs out. Post replies to their questions up to 1 hour a week. Leave your web site link (or specific article link) behind so people know who you are and why they should listen to your advice.

Follow this plan for at least 4 weeks. Make sure your articles are of high quality and offer a solution to a problem that you target customers might be facing. If you articles are published, expect increase in traffic to your web site. And your freebie should take care of capturing your visitors e-mails.

Your follow-up messages should introduce your products or services. As always, make sure your subscribers can leave your list at any time.

Milana Nastetskaya is a full time web developer and the author of two books: "Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days", "65 Instant Web Design Answers".

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