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Written by Bright Johnson

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Positioning gives a business competitive advantage. It is a word or more that you plant intorepparttar customers mind. Rank Xerox is known for photocopier, FedEx for overnight delivery, Microsoft for Windows, Yahoo for emails, Google for search engine, Volvo for safety, Ebay for marketplace, Amazon for books,repparttar 147448 American Army for war etc. It doesn’t mean these people will not sell something else but they are best known for one thing—the thing that will drive traffic.

To position yourself, take advantage ofrepparttar 147449 areas your competitors have failed or ignored. That is, find a new and better way to dorepparttar 147450 same old business and turn it into a slogan. Visit and download Secrets of billionaires—how to be super rich free and learn how to prosper a business.

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How to Get Your Prospects to Do Exactly What You Want by Tormenting Their Brains

Written by Mohamad Zaki Hussein

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In commercial messages, zeigarnik effect is usually employed by using incomplete information to create curiosity and thus a feeling of discomfort and tension inrepparttar reader’s mind. If you want to see an example of zeigarnik effect in commercial message, you can see it in a viral report titled "The 2 Things Porn Sites are Doing to Make Billions Annually, and How You Can Too" that you can download at

As you can see,repparttar 147357 "teaser page" ofrepparttar 147358 report (the content that shows up first when you openrepparttar 147359 file) gives hints on what is behindrepparttar 147360 success ofrepparttar 147361 internet porn industry, i.e., two tactics that have nothing to do with exploiting sexuality or traditional marketing and which are easy to apply to any business. But it doesn't providerepparttar 147362 complete answer. It only teases you to get you to send email to 3 of your friends andrepparttar 147363 complete answer will only be revealed after you getrepparttar 147364 job done.

Off course, zeigarnik effect is not a Jedi mind trick. Its effectiveness is relative to various factors. For example, if you're usingrepparttar 147365 aforementioned viral report to people who are looking for baby items, it might not work, because you're saying it torepparttar 147366 wrong people. Besides that, to getrepparttar 147367 most out of zeigarnik effect, you still need to combine it with other copywriting techniques.

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