How to get repeat visitors to your site

Written by Jonathan White

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3.Checking your site for broken links This is very important when having a site. If your site does not function properly, then your visitors will not even bother with it. One ofrepparttar most annoying things when visiting a site is when it has continuous broken links. If you find it hard to manually check your site for broken links, then a good piece of free software to use would berepparttar 131666 REL Link Checker Lite, which can be downloaded from

4.Getting other people’s opinions When having a site, other than your own thoughts, it is also a good idea to get other people’s opinions. For example,repparttar 131667 colours of your site, what parts people like on your siterepparttar 131668 most, what parts people dislikerepparttar 131669 most, etc. Getting opinions from your visitors like this will help you to find out what most people dislikes about your site, which means you can then improve these parts, making it better for your visitors in return.

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Cut Your Support Costs AND Increase Customer Satisfaction

Written by Toby Wolf

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Not only does this save us time, (and money), in technical support, but we have had more than one customer tell us that they purchased their web hosting from us because of this very page!

There are other tools available for you to purchase "movies" ofrepparttar "how do I do _______" for CPanel, etc. But many people don't use their speakers, others don't have quicktime installed and hesitate to ever install anything that pops up asking them to install it - I don't blame them. Plus, a hand reference of links makes it easy for you to cut and paste relevant ones as answers to trouble tickets.

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Toby Wolf was one of the online pioneers, beginning consulting in 1990 & has done work for companies like Dell, AOL, SBC & Amoco. Toby is the founder of AlphaOne Technology, & has designed, managed, or provided search engine optimization for over 200 web sites since 1997. E-Mail Toby

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