How to get non Reciprocal Links

Written by Matt Colyer

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4) Create a great content site, if your site has great content or something that no one else offers you will find over time people will link to you because they feel that you have great content or service(s). It takes a lot of time to get links from other web sites this way, but it is well worthrepparttar time. You should write artless that are related to your site's market, if you are not that great at writing articles or not sure where to start have a look at to get articles that you can publish on your site.

5) Put your signature atrepparttar 119362 end of each of your posts at forums. Join forums that are related to your site's market and post about subjects that you know about with your signature atrepparttar 119363 end ofrepparttar 119364 message. Some forums allow this, but not all do allow this, so you should make sure it's allowed by checkingrepparttar 119365 web site's rules orrepparttar 119366 term of services that you have to agree to. Also don't go around spammingrepparttar 119367 forums with your links because this WILL make you hated more than you are liked and will make visitors not trust your site.

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How To Find Relevant Web Sites For Link Exchanges

Written by Sandi Moses

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At some point in time, other webmasters will begin to contact you requesting to exchange links. Ta-daahhh! You’ve made it! The first thing you need to do is visit their site. Is their site relevant to yours? Are you comfortable putting a link to their site on yours? Would you want your Grandma to visit your site and follow that link? Ifrepparttar answer is yes, then put uprepparttar 119361 link. E-mail them back to thank them forrepparttar 119362 offer and to let them know where on your site you put their link. If you are not comfortable puttingrepparttar 119363 link on your site, don’t worry about it. You will get requests from people who obviously didn’t read that you prefer not to link to casinos and Viagra sites or whatever, and you will get requests to exchange links with sites that have absolutely nothing to do with your site’s subject matter. Just ignore them, or you could reply and politely decline. Now here comes some more Golden Rule stuff. NEVER turn down somebody because their site or links page isn’t ranked high enough! Remember that you once had a whole site of “0” ranked pages and were so grateful for any ofrepparttar 119364 exchanges you could get. Returnrepparttar 119365 favor. Remember that you were new once and others helped you. Remember thatrepparttar 119366 “Big Kahunas” onrepparttar 119367 internet were new once and had “0” ranked pages that are now very highly ranked. That new person you agree to link to today could be tomorrow’s next “Big Kahuna.” Remember that Google has pulledrepparttar 119368 rug out from under people before and likely will do it again. Today’s top site could be tomorrow’s cellar dweller, and next week some site could shoot out of nowhere torepparttar 119369 top. You don’t have to put their “0” page on your “6” or “7” home page, but do exchange links with them somewhere on your site. It’srepparttar 119370 right thing to do.

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