How to get Booked on Oprah!

Written by Susan Harrow

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These memory nuggets consist of anecdotes, facts, statistics, stories, or something unlikely, unusual, controversial, shocking, funny, humorous, romantic, poignant, emotionally moving, or dramatic.

6. Make sure you're blurbable. By definition, a blurb is a very short advertisement or statement about a topic, product or idea. For example, many book jackets have blurbs aboutrepparttar book, or what people have said aboutrepparttar 124461 book. The average sound bite on television is 10 seconds, so it takes some intensive practice to say something meaningful about your book or topic in such a short period of time. Practice with a timer until you can speak your message in 10 to 20 seconds. 7. Get booked on local shows first. Even before you consider approaching Oprah with your idea, get practice on your local news and talk shows. This will give you a chance to fine-tune your sound bites so you won't be shocked byrepparttar 124462 speed of national television. Many people don't realize thatrepparttar 124463 Oprah Show isn't a platform for their subject. When you're onrepparttar 124464 show as a guest you'll typically have a total of one to seven minutes to communicate your entire message-in 10 to 20-second increments. Once you have a good feel forrepparttar 124465 rhythm of television, you'll feel more relaxed and ready.

8. Wowrepparttar 124466 producers with brevity. Remember,repparttar 124467 moment you open your mouth you are auditioning. Keep your list of talking points byrepparttar 124468 phone when you call a producer (or a producer calls you) so you'll be succinct. You will already have rehearsed them so that they sound natural and inviting. Make sure all your points are targeted exactly torepparttar 124469 angle you're proposing-making you (and your product or book) irresistible onrepparttar 124470 air.

Smile! You're on Oprah Now that you know what it takes to pitch an idea to Oprah, you need to know what to do when you actually appear onrepparttar 124471 show.

1. Connect with your eyes. It is very important to maintain eye contact with Winfrey 100 percent ofrepparttar 124472 time when she addresses you. This means while you're talking and while you're listening. Audiences believe that you're sincere and knowledgeable if you keep consistent, soft eye contact.

2. Create a "Top Five" list. Help your audience remember you by developing a "Top Five" list to be projected on-screen so all your key points will be illustrated visually as you discuss them. This is also a secret way to keep Winfrey on track. Once she's stated that you'll cover five points, she has to help move you through all of them or her audience will feel cheated. Making this list guarantees you more airtime.

Atrepparttar 124473 request ofrepparttar 124474 producers speaker and author Victoria Moran, who wrote Lit From Within (HarperSanFrancisco) created a quiz for a show on vanity with questions like, "Are you constantly comparing your appearance to other women's? Doesrepparttar 124475 way you look inrepparttar 124476 morning determine your mood forrepparttar 124477 day?" After Winfrey got her guests to answer, she asked Moran to comment. She got five chances to speak-totaling one minute and 33 seconds.

3. Bring visual props. Visual props add liveliness and helps your viewers remember your points, which indirectly translates into buying your product or book. Letrepparttar 124478 producers know how you plan to use your prop(s) ahead of time. Duringrepparttar 124479 show you also need to directrepparttar 124480 cameraman to your object by pointing to it or holding it up to cue them for a close-up. 4. Introduce yourself with a stellar sound bite. On television your very first utterance setsrepparttar 124481 tone for allrepparttar 124482 information you plan to deliver. Say something that instantly brings focus to your most important message that ties into your book.

With dedicated practice, channeling your passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge about your subject will come across to your audience, and people will naturally want to know more about you, your products and your services.

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Can media coverage build an online business? You bet it can!

Written by David Leonhardt

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8. If you are running a contest, placing a new interactive program on your site, winning an award, taking donations for a charity or doing anything noteworthy online, it is of interest inrepparttar offline world. The media can act as a funnel for people who spend less time than you and I do in front of a computer screen.

9. Inrepparttar 124460 mainstream media, you are trustworthy. If they see it on TV or inrepparttar 124461 newspaper, people believe it. (Funny, they SAY they don't trustrepparttar 124462 media, but their actions speak louder.) Since web marketing is about relationships and trust (That is your strategy, right?), you can build that relationship with people who are only now getting online or who may not even be online for another couple years. Byrepparttar 124463 time they are ready to buy from you,repparttar 124464 relationship has already begun because they have carried your offline credibility (that'srepparttar 124465 biggest value of media coverage) with them ontorepparttar 124466 Internet.

10. Inrepparttar 124467 mainstream media, you are real. I know many people who still don't buy anything online. They simply do not trust someone they cannot see. Sure, you might be honest, but how do they know? You could disappear intorepparttar 124468 ether tomorrow. While bricks-and-mortar stores can close just as fast, there is an impression that they are more real and more permanent. You can increase your realness and permanence through a media presence, and thereby increase your customer base.

Media relations is not always easy and not everyone can make it. You have to have something interesting to tell and have a creative way to make it newsworthy. But it is a low-cost way to drive traffic to your web site. And you may not need to get ontorepparttar 124469 front page of USA Today to succeed. You may simply want a mention in a few niche magazines where your targeted traffic can be found.

So if you don't likerepparttar 124470 idea of being a million entries down on a web search, or even 60 entries down, consider a low-cost, effective alternative repparttar 124471 media. Withrepparttar 124472 right angle, media relations and publicity can expand your traffic faster than search engines.

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