How to find a Cheap Hotel for Business Travel

Written by S Wander

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Naturally you will want a clean, comfortable room. Since you are on business, you should also look for other things such as an internet connection. More hotels nowadays are offering this facility but you should check what is available and how much it will cost. It's no fun arriving at a hotel only to find thatrepparttar only broadband hotspot is already packed with other business travellers. Whilst it is possible to userepparttar 149040 latest mobile phones to get an internet connection, they charge byrepparttar 149041 Mb and this can start to get expensive very quickly.

Atrepparttar 149042 end ofrepparttar 149043 day, it's probably your business department's choice what budget you have for overnight travel costs. Of course, if you're on a tight budget like an increasing number of cost conscious business travellers nowadays, you may not have too much of a choice of where to stay. But with very few exceptions there are almost always acceptable places to stay when you are travelling on business.

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SWOT Analysis Is No Magic 8 Ball

Written by Tim Knox

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Now just fill in each quadrant accordingly. Strengths and weaknesses are internal factors that affect your business. Opportunities and threats arerepparttar external factors. Let's look at a quick overview of each.

Strengths are those things that make your business stronger. Strengths might include: a product or service that sells well; an established customer base; a good reputation inrepparttar 149039 marketplace; a good track history; a high traffic location; strong management; qualified employees; ownership of patents and trademarks; and any other aspect that adds value to your business and makes it stand out fromrepparttar 149040 competition. Strengths should always be gauged byrepparttar 149041 strengths of your competitors. If your business does something well just to keep up withrepparttar 149042 competition, it is not a strength. It is a necessity.

Weakness arerepparttar 149043 antitheses of strengths. Weaknesses are those areas in which your company does not perform well or could stand improvement. These arerepparttar 149044 areas of your business that make you susceptible to negative market forces and aggressive competitors. Weaknesses might include: poor management; employee problems; lack of marketing and sales expertise; lack of capital; bad location; poor products or services; damaged reputation; etc.

Opportunities are those things that haverepparttar 149045 potential to make your business stronger, more enduring, and more profitable. Opportunities might include: new markets becoming available or old markets that are expanding; possible mergers, acquisitions, or strategic alliances; a competitor going out of business or leavingrepparttar 149046 marketplace, making their customers open to you; andrepparttar 149047 potential availability of a desired employee.

Threats are those things that haverepparttar 149048 potential to adversely affect your business. Threats might include: changing marketplace conditions; rising company debt; cash flow problems; a strong competitor entering your market; competitors with lower prices; possible laws or taxes that may negatively impact your profits; and strategic partners going out of business.

Once you have filled in all four quadrants, you can use this information to create strategies that will help you makerepparttar 149049 best ofrepparttar 149050 information learned. For example, once you have identified your strengths you can better use them to determine which opportunities to pursue and to help reduce your vulnerability to potential threats.

Now that you know your weaknesses you can formulate strategies to overcome them so you can pursue opportunities. Knowing your weaknesses can also help you establish a defensive plan to prevent your weaknesses from making your business particularly susceptible to external threats.

Whether you use a consultant or create a SWOT Analysis on your own it is important to remember that a SWOT Analysis is a subjective analysis tool that can be strongly influenced byrepparttar 149051 opinions of those performingrepparttar 149052 analysis. For small businesses especially it is imperative to keeprepparttar 149053 analysis simple and torepparttar 149054 point. Don't overanalyze and don't immediately takerepparttar 149055 results as gospel.

Remember, it's an analysis tool, not a magic 8 ball.

Here's to your success!

Tim Knox

Tim is the founder of, an online organization dedicated to the success of online and eBay entrepreneurs. Related Links:

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