How to dry Roses

Written by Candee Stark

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3. For florist wire, you will want to cut off most ofrepparttar stem. Leave about one inch of stem.

4. Push about 3 inches of wire throughrepparttar 116172 stem and right throughrepparttar 116173 flower head.

5. Next, you want to bendrepparttar 116174 end ofrepparttar 116175 wire into a hook over each rose head and pull it down. This helps to keeprepparttar 116176 head secured torepparttar 116177 stem.

6. When choosing to userepparttar 116178 glue, begin by dilutingrepparttar 116179 glue in a dab of water.

7. You will take a toothpick and dab a thin coat ofrepparttar 116180 glue mixture atrepparttar 116181 base of each petal.

8. Next, you will workrepparttar 116182 glue intorepparttar 116183 base ofrepparttar 116184 stems of each flower so that you can attach each petal torepparttar 116185 base, wait tillrepparttar 116186 glue dries completely.

9. Now forrepparttar 116187 sand, slowly and carefully coverrepparttar 116188 flowers with sand in deep open boxes.

10. Makerepparttar 116189 sand inrepparttar 116190 box deep enough to holdrepparttar 116191 flowers upright.

11. Sit each flower inrepparttar 116192 sand filled box and slowly pour sand aroundrepparttar 116193 base, aroundrepparttar 116194 sides, and over and underrepparttar 116195 petals. You should pourrepparttar 116196 sand evenly so that you can preserverepparttar 116197 flowers natural shape.

12. You will want to wait forrepparttar 116198 flowers to dry while facing upright.

13. Putrepparttar 116199 boxes withrepparttar 116200 roses in a dry space that is warm and brightly lit. This will ensure that your roses will maintain their bright color.

14. Let them dry for one to three weeks.

15. If you want more muted colors, you will want to dry them in a more humid area.

16. To removerepparttar 116201 sand, tiprepparttar 116202 drying Container slightly so thatrepparttar 116203 sand can fall offrepparttar 116204 flowers.

17. Remove each flower one by one.

Now you have successfully learned how to dry your roses so that they are ready for you to do whatever you'd like with them. These dried flowers will make great decorations for any room in your house or office, or whatever else you'd like to do.

Candee Stark is a Reading Specialist in a local elementary school and has spent the last two and a half years earning her masters degree. Her new passion is her indoor herb garden. Visit her at Flowers and if you would like to read more gardening and flower articles.

Top Ten Tips for Making a Great Collage

Written by Tara Kachaturoff, Executive Coach

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5. Create a place.

Create a quiet space and time to sit down to work on your collage. Selectrepparttar best time of day and your favorite day ofrepparttar 116171 week that works for you. You may want to play some relaxing music inrepparttar 116172 background. You may want to work on it inrepparttar 116173 early morning, at twilight, or even late at night. Pick a special time of day when you feel relaxed and focused, but excited to use your mind and hands to create your vision on paper. A collage is a wonderful way to invest in yourself; a short vacation to visit with your vision!

6. Make it your own.

To make sure you are directly connected to your work of art, include a photograph of yourself onrepparttar 116174 collage or sign your name on it. This “ownership” will remind you that this collage is made by you and for you.

7. Leave some space.

Make sure to leave some space betweenrepparttar 116175 various items you place on your collage. The space symbolizesrepparttar 116176 space, clarity, and evenrepparttar 116177 room for growth that you desire in your life. Certainly it is fine to overlap items, however, don’t cover every inch of your poster board. You don’t want a life that is filled torepparttar 116178 brim with no space for welcoming in new things.

8. Words are power.

Consider writing phrases, verses, or quotations which hold special meaning to you above, below or besiderepparttar 116179 pictures that you include on your collage. You can search for quotations onrepparttar 116180 internet by simply typingrepparttar 116181 word “quotations” in any search engine.

9. Display your work of art.

Place your collage where you can see it every day. Spend time looking at it and thinking aboutrepparttar 116182 meaning behindrepparttar 116183 various pictures, words, and colors you have chosen. Your collage isn’t just a dream, whim, or passing thought, but rather it is a living vision that you can access every day.

10. Specialty collages.

There are so many things one can do with a collage. One idea is to create a collage inrepparttar 116184 shape of a life vision wheel. A life vision wheel is a circle, divided into 8 different sections. Each section represents an aspect of your life. It might include: finances, spirituality, career, hobbies/interests, romance, friends and family, health, and physical environment. You can make uprepparttar 116185 number of categories that works for you. You could tape several poster boards together and draw a big circle on them representing each of these areas. Then you could create mini-collages for each section. Or, you can create separate collages, each on its own poster board, for specific areas you want to work on, like your health or wealth. The sky isrepparttar 116186 limit. Have fun with creating collages. They are a wonderful tool to support you in creatingrepparttar 116187 vision forrepparttar 116188 life you want to live.

Copyright 2004 by Tara Kachaturoff

Tara Alexandra Kachaturoff is an executive coach, trainer, consultant and professional speaker with over 15 years of corporate experience. She coaches executives, professionals, and entrepreneurs on leadership, business and lifestyle issues and has been featured in radio, print, and television. She is the owner of CoachPoint™,,and

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