How to create fat burning vitality

Written by Rick Rakauskas

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- Fats arerepparttar most concentrated sources of energy inrepparttar 135927 diet.

- Fat is a fuel.

Eliminating fat from our diet, does not ensure we will lose weight loss and gain good health. Why is this? Because there are different forms of fat found inrepparttar 135928 foods we eat, and by eliminating fat completely, we eliminate, "the most concentrated source of energy found inrepparttar 135929 diet". Eliminatingrepparttar 135930 foods that contain fats associated with obesity and heart disease in your diet, and eatingrepparttar 135931 "power fats", that improve your vitality, isrepparttar 135932 way to go.

· The singular distinction you must be aware of isrepparttar 135933 difference between healthy "power" fats, and unhealthy, fats. · The two fats that you should practice eliminating from your diet are, saturated fats and trans fats.

Saturated Fats are fats that stay hard at room temperature, and are mostly sourced from eating animals and animal products. You find them in meat, whole-milk products, poultry skin, and egg yolks. Coconut oil also has a high amount of saturated fat. Trans Fats are man made fats, and are produced through hydrogenation, that is, heating oils inrepparttar 135934 presence of oxygen. Many products found onrepparttar 135935 supermarket shelf contain trans fats, becauserepparttar 135936 fats help them maintain a longer shelf life. Margarine contains high levels of trans fats. Unfortunately it is not Law that product manufacturers tell you how much trans fats their products contain, but you can find out if it's in a product, by looking atrepparttar 135937 ingredient list. "Knowledge is King", and ifrepparttar 135938 ingredients contain hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils, then it contains trans fats. Ifrepparttar 135939 consumer voices their opinion, and does not buy these products, manufacturers will be required to change their ways. The two fats that improve vitality and well-being are monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats. These fats come fromrepparttar 135940 vegetable kingdom, nuts and seeds, e.g. like linseed, olive and peanut oil, cold pressed oils, coconut oils, avocados and soy-based foods. These fats are necessary to your body for a variety of vital reasons: regulating hormonal production, improving immune function, lowering total cholesterol, lubricating joints, and providingrepparttar 135941 basics for healthy hair, nails and skin. · Do you chew your food?

Food needs to be mixed withrepparttar 135942 four types of saliva, found inrepparttar 135943 body, for optimum absorption. Then it can be easily digested byrepparttar 135944 body, andrepparttar 135945 nutrients absorbed intorepparttar 135946 bloodstream. The body can only absorb liquefied foods. If solid foods are not made into liquids,repparttar 135947 body cannot absorbrepparttar 135948 nutrients, inrepparttar 135949 food. To absorb these nutrients,repparttar 135950 body uses four organs of digestion, viarepparttar 135951 four digestive juices.

I.repparttar 135952 mouth secretes saliva (ptyalin) II.repparttar 135953 stomach secretes saliva (pepsin) III.repparttar 135954 pancreas secretes saliva (trypsin) IV.repparttar 135955 liver secretes saliva (gall)

There is a very old, and very wise saying, that states…

"It's not what you eat people, it's what you absorb!" So…



· How hard do your feet hitrepparttar 135956 earth? The condition of your feet has an effect onrepparttar 135957 condition of health in your body, and your metabolism. Located onrepparttar 135958 sole of your foot are reflex points for all ofrepparttar 135959 bodies organs. In particular, there is a point that relates torepparttar 135960 kidney's.

The kidney's have numerous functions to perform inrepparttar 135961 body, withrepparttar 135962 most common and understood function beingrepparttar 135963 filtering of waste products that are excreted inrepparttar 135964 urine. A not so well known function ofrepparttar 135965 kidney's is to store and distribute spiritual energy, or ancestral chi. The kidney's are like a big battery, powering your body. Look after them!

· So if you are of "heavy foot", lighten up!

A favourite saying I use when I walk or run is,

"I am as light, as a butterfly, My feet barely touchrepparttar 135966 ground"

Keep well.

Brett J. Hayes Core Fitness Trainer


Written by Judy Thompson

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With some methods of detoxifying, you may feel worse before you feel better! Asrepparttar body beginsrepparttar 135926 process of getting rid of toxins and parasites, you may be very uncomfortable. Realize, however, that this may indicate that your cleansing process is truly working.

Some people like to use saunas for detoxification. Other people may choose to go to a health food store and talk to a knowledgeable clerk about what is available there. When I began my research for this article, I learned that there are really a lot of ways to cleanserepparttar 135927 body fromrepparttar 135928 poisons that may cause most of our illnesses and diseases. I have personally used several methods for eliminating toxins.

The method that I have found to berepparttar 135929 most satisfying to me isrepparttar 135930 use of all-natural detoxification pouches. Detox pouches are easy to use, very effective, and are fairly low in cost. They can also be sent to a lab so you can find out what toxins are being removed from your body.

Detoxification pouches look similar to gauze pads. You simply apply them torepparttar 135931 bottoms of your feet before you go to bed at night andrepparttar 135932 poisons are drawn out duringrepparttar 135933 night. Asrepparttar 135934 pouch absorbs fluids it will become moist and change color. This method of detoxification puts nothing intorepparttar 135935 body. It only takes harmful toxins out ofrepparttar 135936 body.

To briefly sum up this article. (1) It is known that a build-up of toxins inrepparttar 135937 body is a major cause of disease. (2)Whenrepparttar 135938 body gets rid of these toxins it is allowed to be healthier. (3)There are many available ways for a person to eliminate toxins and live a healthier life.

Judy Thompson is a former Health teacher and for many years has been a student of natural nutrition. The detox pouches may be ordered from her website. Go to:

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