How to control Ants Without Poison

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Spray trash and recycling bins if ants are a problem there.

For anthills nearrepparttar house pour boiling water intorepparttar 137792 nest.

Once ants have enteredrepparttar 137793 house, other measures have to be taken. Pennyroyal, tansy, and mint leaves scattered on surfaces where ants are found can be used as a deterrent. Bay leaves broken in small pieces is also helpful.

Some people have found a mixture ofrepparttar 137794 following ingredients helpful in repelling ants. One cup water, one- fourth cup plus one tablespoon hot sauce,, one-fourth cut liquid soap, and one teaspoon spearmint of peppermint flavoring. Put in a spray bottle and spray where ants enterrepparttar 137795 house.

Washing down counters with an equal solution of vinegar and water is repulsive to ants.

Powdered cloves or red pepper sprinkled on surface where ants are found serves as an excellent repellant. Ants are extremely fastidious and will not return to where these hot spices can get on their feet and antennae.

If it not too inconvenient, sticky fly paper placed in strategic areas will capture crawling ants.

Perhaps one ofrepparttar 137796 most unusual substances used that discourages ants from pantry shelves are broken egg shells.

Lastly, clean up all food after eating for it isrepparttar 137797 crumbs that attractsrepparttar 137798 ants.

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Tips For Buying a Whirlpool Bath Online

Written by Kevin Taylor

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Take a brochure home that hasrepparttar Whirlpool Bath's dimensions and location of pump to ensurerepparttar 137696 whirlpool bath will fit into your bathroom. The pump location is important to ensure access for serviceability duringrepparttar 137697 the life ofrepparttar 137698 whirlpool bath. You can also get dimensions online in advance without going to a store, and narrowrepparttar 137699 whirlpool bath models you will look at once atrepparttar 137700 store knowing which ones will fit already.

If want to save time go to; and click onrepparttar 137701 manufacturer links below you can look at hundreds of different whirlpool baths and their pricing to see what you like.

Here is a list of jetted Whirlpool Bath Makers

Americh Hydro Systems Jacuzzi Jason Kallista Kohler Maax MTI Pearl Porcher Absolute ST Thomas Toto

Here is a list of Combo Whirlpool Bath Makers

Americh Hydro Systems Jason MTI

Once you are surerepparttar 137702 whirlpool bath fits you, your home, and your budget, go online and buy! More information is at;

Make sure you buy from an online retailer that has great prices, great return policies, verisign credit card security, and good BBB (better business bureau) ratings.

Kevin Taylor is a freelance home improvement writer/webmaster from Toronto Canada. More Information at

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