How to close 10%-30% of your prospects and sky rocket your profits NOW -- GUARANTEED!

Written by Jason Gambrel

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Friends this little used secret will provide a huge impact on your response and your profits bigtime!

Here's how it works.

You send your fist mailing out torepparttar prospect, in just a few days you are going to hit that prospect that did'nt respond to your first mailing right betweenrepparttar 127482 eyes with a SECOND MAILING known as a "SECOND NOTICE" letter.

The time between your first mailing and your follow-up mailings should go like this: Every 7 days if your using email and every 20 days via postal mail.

This second letter will make reference torepparttar 127483 first previous letter with a short brief message.

Something like this.

SECOND NOTICE FOR: (prospects name)

Hi, It's Jason here. A few short days ago you asked for my free report called "How to suck insane profits fromrepparttar 127484 internet by turning your computer into a 24 hour money making -- cash flow machine... 100% guaranteed!"

You asked and I sent. And I can't understand why havn't I heard from you. I don't think you want to wait around much longer, especially if your serious about sucking obscene amounts of money fromrepparttar 127485 net.

So here it is again. (end)

Ifrepparttar 127486 prospect still hasn't responded to your second notice letter - Do you know what you're going to do?

Hit them again with a third letter called a "THIRD NOTICE", then a fourth letter and a fifth letter. Each letter making reference torepparttar 127487 previous letter sent.

How many follow up mailings should you do? Your prospect needs to be exposed to your marketing message at least 5-7 times in my experience to create a maximum response.

At least 3 times minimum if not at all.

The last letter in your sequence is calledrepparttar 127488 "FINAL NOTICE" letter. This isrepparttar 127489 last chance for your propect to respond.

SEQUENCED FOLLOW-UP MAILINGS -- This isrepparttar 127490 ULTIMATE MARKETING SECRET for *closing* and *selling* your prospects inrepparttar 127491 quickest amount of time.

How profitable can this marketing secret be?

As an example let's say you mailed out 10,000 email letters to an opt-in list you've rented. A 3% response is 300 people inquiring about your product.

Now what if you put those 300 people on a SEQUENCED MAILING CAMPAIN? And you send them 3,4,5, or 7 mailings? Not a one time only mailing like most marketers.

What if you closed 10%? That's 30 people! 20%? That equals 60 new customers or sign-ups. And 30%? That's 90 brand new customers, clients, recruits or sign ups.

Guys this is powerful stuff. Remember you really can close 10-30% of your prospects!

Try this and see if you don't boost your profits immediately. It will work for you -- guaranteed!

Jason Gambrel. Discover the Amazing Secrets of Direct-Response Marketing to Sky Rocket your profits NOW - Guaranteed! Subscribe FREE to "Internet AdSECRETS Revealed" newsletter. Get 2 free Special Ebooks when you subscribe.


Written by Tony Woodcock

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You will have a SUBSCRIPTION to a particular piece of software that you pay for monthly. Now you getrepparttar benefit of not paying hundreds out of pocket AND you getrepparttar 127481 latest updates included in your subscription. Sure, they may make a buck or two more but you will have access torepparttar 127482 most recent features and you CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME. Now, who hasrepparttar 127483 power? YOU DO.

An excellent way to market and an excellent way to buy.

Many companies embrace this concept because it's easier to sell, meets less resistance and is a much less costly way to market. They know that MORE PEOPLE WILL BUY THIS WAY.

Time now becomes their ally, not their enemy. The more subscribers they haverepparttar 127484 more money they make. Byrepparttar 127485 way,repparttar 127486 power ofrepparttar 127487 subscription is how online companies end up buying huge media companies.

Will this new pricing model work for you? You will certainly benefit as a consumer but can you capturerepparttar 127488 idea as a seller?

Take a look at what you sell with a new eye. Could you offer your clients a subscription for what you do? Could you start to slowly move in that direction on your pricing? One thing is for sure, selling by subscription is hot and getting hotter.

And it's an idea that will be around for a very long time.

Tony Woodcock has discovered the power of selling by subscription. In fact he doesn't even need a website to do it! Contact Tony today and discover the power for yourself. For full info,

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