How to choose a sofa for a family with kids

Written by Janice Wee

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Eventually, you still have to cleanrepparttar sofa.

Our first sofa was a beautiful fabric sofa. It turned a dull gray overrepparttar 150046 years. As there were no slip covers, we would have to washrepparttar 150047 sofa with an upholstery cleaner or to leave it be.  Onrepparttar 150048 hindsight, sofa sets with removable slip covers would have beenrepparttar 150049 better bet.

Alternatively, we could have bought 2 sets of slip covers for our sofa while it was still new and rotated those to protectrepparttar 150050 sofa instead. Slip covers can be washed, so you can always have a clean sofa to sit on. To a busy mom with kids, slip covers are a boon. Dumprepparttar 150051 soiled slip covers inrepparttar 150052 washing machine and slip on clean covers.

Our next sofa was a leather sofa. That turned black within weeks. The kids would pretend to be Spiderman climbingrepparttar 150053 walls, withrepparttar 150054 sofa asrepparttar 150055 wall, or Spiderman jumping from roof to roof, with 2 adjacent sofas asrepparttar 150056 roofs. We bought a leather cleaner to clean it up. I wrote about that experience in care of your leather sofa.

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14 Tips for a Good Life

Written by Ronald Yip

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8. Specialized Knowledge and / or experience Whatever it is you want to be, you must acquirerepparttar specialized knowledge or skills required for it. Otherwise, your wish is just wishful thinking. You need to makerepparttar 149884 right decision, make your plan and takerepparttar 149885 appropriate action.

9. Exercise regularly and sensibly Regular sensible exercises keep you fit, alert and strong. Regular exercises helps blood circulation and need I say more?

10. Stay Employed or Occupied Even if you have to take some time off work to adjust to a new situation, try to work part-time, stay occupied or full-time. Keeping a job is a good way to stay active.

11. Food You are what you eat. Take a balanced diet, not just eat abundance of what you like and little of other food in order to give your bodyrepparttar 149886 balanced amount of nutrition required to maintain a healthy body. Avoid too much hamburger burgers. Plain boiled water is good, cola is not good. Listen to your doctor’s advice if you are sick. For example people with diabetic issues should know what can be taken and what need to be avoided. Avoid heavy food at least 3 hours before going to bed. Avoid alcohol, take more vegetables, more fruits and fish.   12. Helping Others The more you giverepparttar 149887 more you will get in return. Those who help others are also helping themselves. For example, if a consultant helps others in need by giving help and information, he is actually gaining trust from whom he helped and eventually people will like to do business with him.

Contributing to society is an important aspect of good life. By helping others within your means to help those who are less fortunate is our obligation to society. If you do that consistently, you will feel good about yourself and your fortune will grow even further because more people will be attracted to you.

Money likes to befriend people who already have abundance of it! Give generously to society, let money flow like water. I like whatrepparttar 149888 famous property tycoon of Hong Kong, Mr. Lee Ka Shing said, "no matter how much money a person has, he only take a 3 meals a day and sleep on one bed!".

13. Relationship The fact that relationship whether it is dating or married is hard. Things do not go perfectly right most ofrepparttar 149889 time. Say “I love you” more, and don’t under estimaterepparttar 149890 ‘power of touch’. Avoid heated quarrel, no one wins a quarrel. The one who thinks he wins a quarrel loserepparttar 149891 respect ofrepparttar 149892 other. Put your family first and your career second if you need to make a critical decision. For more tips, click here.

14. Stay In Touch This is an information age, a digital age,repparttar 149893 age of dramatic change. Stay onrepparttar 149894 Internet, be informed, and don’t lose touch! Visit Good Life regularly, be our friend, make more friends, expand your reach to other good communities, share your thoughts with others and be happy.  

Thank you for reading.

Article by Ronald Yip of Alpha Info Products Lab. Visit his website

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