How to check and change your air filter

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Newer cars have different air filters than older ones. If your car is rather new, its air filter is probably rectangular and you might find it located underrepparttar hood, nearrepparttar 102683 radiator area orrepparttar 102684 fender wells. In order to change it, you must open it and takerepparttar 102685 actual air filter from it, replacing it byrepparttar 102686 new and then closing it again.

If your car is older, thenrepparttar 102687 air filter will probably be of a big round shape and located nearrepparttar 102688 engine area. It might probably be screwed, and all you might need to do is to unscrewrepparttar 102689 cover, letrepparttar 102690 air filter come out, and placerepparttar 102691 new one instead of it. You must pay attention in case it has any other attachment mechanisms such as clips which you would need to take off as well.

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How To Buy Used Vehicles Debt Free

Written by John Cook

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Now we can comparerepparttar two decisions. If you had boughtrepparttar 102682 new 2005 you would have a paid off 2005 in 2011 and you would have paid interest ($3,623.40 to be exact) on top ofrepparttar 102683 purchase price. Using our example you could have had a 2006 one year later in 2012 completely paid off and your money made interest for you while in your savings account.

These numbers are all conservative and you could do much better by continuing to save and delay your used car purchases longer than one year. This would berepparttar 102684 best thing to do so that you do not keep losing value on selling cars.

For example, if you kept saving and bought a used car every two years you could have bought a 2008 Honda Accord in 2012 completely paid for. When you stretch out your used car purchases while continuing to save, you can purchase much newer vehicles. With this method you can always purchase newer used cars and never pay interest to anyone.

The key to making this work isrepparttar 102685 disciplined savings. If you have decided that you can make a new car payment, you can putrepparttar 102686 money in a savings account earmarked for used cars.

Also remember that since you do not have a car payment, if you have a financial problem like a job layoff etc., you will not have to worry about losing your vehicle. Driving paid for used cars is a wise financial practice. It is said that it isrepparttar 102687 millionaires that purchase and drive used cars. It is those in deep debt that drive new and leased vehicles.

The prices for these vehicles all came from Kelley Blue Book. The purchase prices are just underrepparttar 102688 KBB retail value andrepparttar 102689 selling prices are just overrepparttar 102690 private party value. The values that I used were conservative and you could do much better, especially if you hold onto your vehicles longer while continuing to save.

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