How to be a Miracle Maker

Written by Keith Varnum

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8. Build Your Chi - Your Internal Life Force Energy

Where could you be more accessible to energy-giving situations and people? Where could you be more inaccessible to energy- draining situations and people? How can you naturally and easily "build your internal life force chi" through activities that are fun for you? What in your life are you not experiencing as an adventure?

9. Connect directly with Spirit

Your soul is in charge of your life! Your spirit has been runningrepparttar show from behindrepparttar 122372 stage curtain sincerepparttar 122373 beginning of time. Open a direct line torepparttar 122374 wonders, wisdom, support and guidance of your own brilliant soul plan. How do you mediate/pray? Is it as effective as you would like? Have you tried a moving meditation?

10. Align your personality with your soul

When you're aligned with your true intentions in being here this lifetime, prosperity flows automatically with no effort or doingness. Align your everyday lifestyle with your soul vision and receive allrepparttar 122375 support, energy and love you need-and begin to enjoyrepparttar 122376 ride! What actions could you take that would bring your life more in accord with your life purpose? What changes could you make to be more authentic in your life?

11. Allow yourself to receive from Spirit

The primary joy and purpose of our spirit friends--the Ascended Masters, guardian angels, spirit guides, nature devas, spirit animals-is to assist us to reach our life goals. Do you regularly ask for assistance, and let in love and energy from your other dimensional allies?

12. Embrace your Shadow

What you choose not to see, you can't change. What weaknesses, faults, fears and shortcomings do you feel you have-socially, physically, spiritually, romantically, financially, sexually? Are you willing to open up to your soul's point of view on your so-called "dark side"?

13. Hang with people who nurture you

By your own pre-arranged conscious design, old soulmates deliver messages to you that trigger timely awareness, alchemy and awakening. What people and environments are not entirely safe, supportive or inspiring for you to be with? Where could you refuse to let another be reckless with your heart? Where could you be less reckless with another's heart? Where could you celebraterepparttar 122377 success of others?

14. Listen to your body

What lessons is your body reflecting to you? What wake-up calls from your body have you been denying? What'srepparttar 122378 weight you are carrying around? What's your body dying to tell you?

15. Followrepparttar 122379 guiding signs and synchronicities Spirit gives you everyday

Our soul is always (all ways) trying to steer us toward our goals. We live in an interactive, responsive universe that is designed to fulfill our deepest dreams-if we would only play along! Allow your intuition to guide you torepparttar 122380 forms and vehicles that will empower your spirit to express fully. What messages and signals hasrepparttar 122381 Universe been sending you that you have been ignoring, misinterpreting, or are afraid to act on?

16. Choose to be innocent (free) ofrepparttar 122382 past: Welcome surprise and serendipity

Openrepparttar 122383 door to more magic, meaning and money in your world by learning to suspend skepticism and conditioned responses. Learn to surf throughrepparttar 122384 surprises of life, instead of being swept away by them.

17. Feng-shui your life: Give yourself a "spaceshift"

Feng-shui isrepparttar 122385 ancient art of consciously managing matter and energy within space. By intuitively re-arrangingrepparttar 122386 elements of your daily life, you createrepparttar 122387 space to nurturerepparttar 122388 freedom, opportunities and effectiveness you desire. By clearing outrepparttar 122389 old, dead elements of your life, you create a natural vacuum and an unblocked channel for fresh, new energy and ideas to come into your private and professional life. How could you unblock your energy now? Where can you re-arrangerepparttar 122390 ways you live your everyday life in a fresh, new, intuitive way?

18. Live your life as an experiment

Consider your life asrepparttar 122391 latest-and greatest-experiment by human consciousness to express Heaven on Earth-or just to have fun playing inrepparttar 122392 3rd dimension. Where could you lighten up, celebrate and have more humor in your approach to living?

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

The Practical Power of the Shaman

Written by Keith Varnum

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When shaman use their ability to "see"repparttar underlying energy dynamics of situations and relationships, they are able to "see" cause and effect connections and forces that are not visible when viewingrepparttar 122371 circumstances superficially, i.e., looking only atrepparttar 122372 outer form. Perceivingrepparttar 122373 energy dynamics of life events reveals new alternatives and possibilities not previously apparent.

"The art ofrepparttar 122374 (shaman) is to be able to guide, to be able to illuminaterepparttar 122375 path in such a way thatrepparttar 122376 person hooks on to a greater experience-that of freedom..." Eagle Feather shares. This allows peoplerepparttar 122377 freedom to move beyond limits of past perceptions intorepparttar 122378 realm of options, fresh creativity and natural magic.

A shaman would "see," for example, thatrepparttar 122379 anger of a supermarket clerk resulted fromrepparttar 122380 clerk's inability to express their feelings. The shaman could "see" how these emotions were adversely affecting not onlyrepparttar 122381 clerk, butrepparttar 122382 people in line. Consequently, a shaman may choose to engagerepparttar 122383 angry clerk in a friendly, relaxing conversation in order to shiftrepparttar 122384 situation into flow and harmony.


We have many powers within us that we can learn to use for our own benefit and forrepparttar 122385 benefit of others. Fromrepparttar 122386 shamanistic point of view, all power comes from within. Power comes from authorship (authority). Shamans becomerepparttar 122387 authors ofrepparttar 122388 creations in their world by freeing themselves of programmed and conditioned perceptions. In moving beyond customs, manners, rules and techniques,repparttar 122389 shaman embracesrepparttar 122390 practicality of " What works, works." The shaman has little concern for how something works, only that it producesrepparttar 122391 results that one intends. Shamans arerepparttar 122392 most flexible, utilitarian and efficient authors of their world. They takerepparttar 122393 shortest, quickest route to their goals, even ifrepparttar 122394 path tramples on their own concepts or beliefs.

One way people can experience this power is to look for proof in their own lives. Take love, for example. One way to increaserepparttar 122395 presence and power of love in a person's life is to decreaserepparttar 122396 presence and power of judgment. Shamans notice that their attention cannot be in both places atrepparttar 122397 same time, and, therefore choose where they want to spend their energy. To spend energy judging that they harmed someone or that another person caused them harm, would be a misdirection and waste of energy for a shaman.

Eagle Feather explains more aboutrepparttar 122398 true nature of power, " Anyone looking for power over others or control over material processes is probably going to be disappointed byrepparttar 122399 teaching, which essentially define power asrepparttar 122400 ability to free oneself from one's own perceptions and habitual patterns. The message seems to be that once you align withrepparttar 122401 energy, you're no longerrepparttar 122402 master. Spirit is."


A shaman is a bridge between this world andrepparttar 122403 invisible world ofrepparttar 122404 spirit. A shaman is very anchored, very present in this world. Being so centered and grounded, a shaman can assist a person to travel into dimensions and see things from a much bigger perspective. Then people can heal because there is more room for them to expand and open to fresh new realities. This expanded awareness fromrepparttar 122405 shaman creates a strong foundation for people to awaken to their own healing power within. The goal ofrepparttar 122406 shaman is always to supportrepparttar 122407 awakening ofrepparttar 122408 soul. The shaman acts as an anchor sorepparttar 122409 person can reach their own depth and move through their own cellular transformation.

Shaman Frederick Wolf concurs. "People really know how to heal themselves. It's an illusion to think that someone is going to come and heal them. But what will happen is, when they feelrepparttar 122410 support and safety thatrepparttar 122411 shaman can hold for them, they will have faith enough to go into that place inside of them that knows how to heal. It's not some magical thing that happens. It' s very natural."

Way of Living

Shamanism is a way of living onrepparttar 122412 altar of Mother Earth. It's a way to live in balance onrepparttar 122413 earth, a way of finding not only peace with yourself personally, but peace with nature and your environment. Shamanism is bringingrepparttar 122414 two worlds together: your inner world-"your heart"-with your outer world. It's important to be balanced, to be grounded in both worlds. We should be able to go anywhere and be at home, whether it's in a cave or a big city.

Shamanism is a pathway that can help us to realizerepparttar 122415 sacredness and magic within and all around us. Birds that soar intorepparttar 122416 heavens, trees whose roots reach deep intorepparttar 122417 earth, everything in nature reflects an aspect of our souls. Asrepparttar 122418 poet Rumi said, "You will see stars and moons mirrored in your being." Shamanism is letting go of our limited ideas and concepts of who we are. As we abandon our illusions of separateness, we open torepparttar 122419 beauty and simplicity of our true nature-our connectedness with all of life.

Drawing from the wisdom of native and ancient spiritual traditions, Keith Varnum shares his 30 years of practical success as an author, personal coach, acupuncturist, filmmaker, radio host, restaurateur, vision quest guide and international seminar leader (The Dream Workshops). Keith helps people get the love, money and health they want with his FREE “Prosperity Ezine” at

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