How to avoid the biggest mistake in Network Marketing

Written by Ted Sullivan

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I learnedrepparttar other day that most people are willing to pay lots of money to learn how to do something rather than actually ever do it. This is certainly true in network marketing. Most people attend meetings after meetings, seminars after seminars and corporate events after corporate events to “learn” how to do it.

But since they never do anything - they never sponsor anybody. They blamerepparttar 148654 company. They blamerepparttar 148655 products. But in realityrepparttar 148656 problem is that they never didrepparttar 148657 network marketing job of finding new distributors and asking them to join them. So they crashed and burned.

Another thing that most people never seem to understand is that when they sponsor people those new distributors become business owners themselves. They cannot be threatened or fired.

If they work atrepparttar 148658 business sometimes when their favorite TV show is not showing then that is ok.

If they work only part time a couple of hours every evening then that is ok too.

Even if they jump in with both feet and work 16 hours a week and become a sponsoring machine then that is ok. Well that’s probably more then ok but you getrepparttar 148659 idea.

New distributors are independent businesses. They joinedrepparttar 148660 business to work at their own pace. So your job is teaching them how to find new distributors.

If they had wanted another boss then they would have got another job. They wanted to be their own boss for a change so they became a network marketer in your downline.

To fixrepparttar 148661 most common problem in network marketing is really simple. Just go talk to somebody. They just might want to earn extra money each month so they can have more free time. They just might join your downline and if they do, remember you earn a little bit of their order as a residual income commission.

Now this all assumes that you are part of a serious company and downline organization that actually trains you how to find new distributors.

The company we are involved with, Tahitian Noni International,, provides a training program called Success Path. You can read about it on our web site We also provide training for our downline organization so that they can fine tune their sponsoring skills. You can read more about our opportunity at

Success is not hard. It just takes a bit of work focused onrepparttar 148662 right activities, activities that create income.

Ted Sullivan is a Tahitian Noni Independent Distributor who is helping others succeed at Network Marketing. He owns these web sites,, and and uses them to develop his business online.

The Great Real Estate Bubble Quiz

Written by Mark Walters

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I bet you scored 100% and earned your "Doctorate of Bubblology".

OK, why is Fannie Mae so glum? They point to loose (We would say CRAZY) lending practices, like interest only loans andrepparttar increase in loan approvals that are not backed by full documentation ofrepparttar 148616 borrower's income and assets.

We imagine a borrower's conversation with a lender today goes something like this:

Borrower: "Will you give me a quarter of a million dollar mortgage loan." Lender: "Can you pay it back?" Borrower: "Probably." Lender: "Loan approved!"

Now you may be thinking that skyrocketing values are in an isolated number of big cities, right? That's true, but those cities are our major commerce centers. When things go bad thererepparttar 148617 negative effect ripples acrossrepparttar 148618 country. Here'srepparttar 148619 bottom line: Our economy is always blowing bubbles. Some burst and some don't.

Only time will tell about this one, but I will keep my fingers in my ears just in case.

Mark Walters is an investor-entrepreneur helping other investors from his Web pages at

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