How to attract users, you never thought of !

Written by Klaus J. Peter

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Scripts make sure thatrepparttar user can download needed or missing parts automatically, and from then on - he is fully prepared…

The integration into a site is no harder, than working with any given Java Script. There are even tools available, to support you writingrepparttar 119078 "action" script.

So why would you do that? To begin with - it improvesrepparttar 119079 quality of life for people, you have enough problems anyway. But if you want to have a more practical use - Offering these service now - where almost no one is doing that will make your site stand out - and visitors with impaired vision value that and remember. The rate of endorsement you may be able to achieve is much higher than withrepparttar 119080 "ordinary" visitor.

In my example - in almost 20% of all new gigs, we are being asked to implement Agent Technology - from Zero % 18 months ago. I would say, that this is a significant increase. The community of people with impaired vision is tight nit - and if you're site is a good source for information, products etc., you can be sure, that oncerepparttar 119081 word is out - it won't hurt your traffic.

Bottom Line is,repparttar 119082 odds are, that, if you're doing it right, promote this Site ability and update your content once in a while, you will attract a new clientele, and even ifrepparttar 119083 worst thing happens, and you don't make any improvement in your visitor frequency - you still haverepparttar 119084 benefit of being able to lean back and say - I did something good, today.

Here are some links - to get you intorepparttar 119085 developing mood:

Microsoft® Agent home page Agent Resources The Script Helper Mash

So be good, do something forrepparttar 119086 life quality of citizens with impaired vision and your business and have fun doing it.

Klaus J. Peter

WebWhacked? Three Ways to Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the Internet

Written by David Johnson

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Takerepparttar time to find an online community that speaksrepparttar 119077 same language you do. You’re likely to find that getting onrepparttar 119078 Web isrepparttar 119079 same as entering any new media. Think of it as if you’re buying your first newspaper ad or radio spot:

· First find somebody else who’s already doing it · Call them up and ask them how they’re doing it · Do itrepparttar 119080 same way they’re doing it

Pad your budget for a few mistakes but, if you’ve been successful in other media, there’s no reason to thinkrepparttar 119081 Web will change your success record.

3. The Web Is Very Forgiving

There are few mistakes you can make onrepparttar 119082 Web that will really hurt you. The only two that come to mind immediately will bite you anywhere: bad planning and bad manners.

Bad planning can cost you time and money — time to redo what should have been done right inrepparttar 119083 first place and money paid for useless work. Like any media,repparttar 119084 Web can eat up your budget on pretty graphical treatments that — atrepparttar 119085 end ofrepparttar 119086 day — cost you money but do little to gain more business. Be careful with your Web budget and shop around. Nobody really knows what to charge, so you can find great talent for very little money. Remember, nobody knows your customersrepparttar 119087 way you do, so don’t let a Web designer blind-side you with a “That’s not how it works onrepparttar 119088 Web” line. Your customers are still your customers, and you know how they think about your product or service better than anyone else.

Bad manners can get you spurned pretty quickly onrepparttar 119089 Web. If found guilty of spamming — sending out e-mail to people who haven’t specifically requested it — you can get blacklisted and bad-mouthed acrossrepparttar 119090 whole Web. In some states you can get sued. So make sure you followrepparttar 119091 rules of netiquette ( /manage/CSEmailRes.asp/) (Internet etiquette). It’s not too hard to find out whatrepparttar 119092 rules are — they’re posted all overrepparttar 119093 Web (use any search engine to find them).

As long as you keep your head about you, there’s no reason you should be wary ofrepparttar 119094 Web. In fact there’s only one big mistake you can make — missingrepparttar 119095 opportunity.

The Web has become a new marketing channel. It’s easy to learn and easy to get started today. But that might not berepparttar 119096 story two, three, or four years downrepparttar 119097 road. So you might as well get used to it now — get a site, start small, and see what happens. Don’t listen torepparttar 119098 hype — you haven’t missedrepparttar 119099 boat — just do your homework, plan ahead, and keep your eyes open. It’ll all work out.

David Johnson is the founder, president and director of He is a lifelong entrepreneur, small-business expert, and Internet pioneer. Frustrated by the lack of small-business resources available to help him launch and promote his own Web site he decided to create a trusted resource of objective how-to information to help other small businesses.

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