How to Write an E-Book Faster Than It Takes To Read This Article

Written by Joe Vitale

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3. Make soup.

This isrepparttar "Chicken Soup forrepparttar 108418 Soul" approach to creating a book. You don't write a word. You simply ask people for contributions. Joe Kumar did this with his popular e-book "30 Days to Internet Marketing Success." Joe is a teenager in Singapore, totally unknown until he compiled his ebook and made himself an online celebrity. Jo Han Mok and I just did this with our new book, "The E-Code." We simply wrote people and asked for their contribution. It's amazingly easy to do. You can be unknown, and famous people will give you contributions.

Again, writing e-books doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time. The trick is in delivering something people want. Do that and no one will care if you wrote your baby in an hour, a day, or a week.

But once it's written, you can make passive money from it for a long, long time.

Go for it!

Joe Vitale is the author of numerous books, including the bestselling e-book he coauthored with Jim Edwards, "How to Write and Publish Your Own OUTRAGEOUSLY Profitable eBook in as little as 7 days." See

Your reputation depends on it.

Written by Brian Holte

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hardwork, dedication and persevearance you will succeed. Donít try a sales pitch on your webpage instead pre-sell, give your reader helpful information and they will feel more enticed to click on your link because you wrote something of value. One main reason people purchase information products is to learn something that will solve their problems and by creating a product that educates them on their subject of interest you will leave them with a long lasting impresssion ofrepparttar kind of work you do. Your efforts will not be forgotten. You were an influence in their life by writing what they wanted to know. You know youíve done good when you create positive emotions. And being influential in a positive fashion is a great way of promoting yourself as being helpful and takingrepparttar 108417 initiative to help people with their problems. The sharing of knowledge is a powerul and profitable venture and you are capable of writing great information products if you can just manage to masterrepparttar 108418 process of researching and overcomingrepparttar 108419 fear of people not liking your work, and most importantly taking action. Donít just say it and think, write it. The key to selling your info products is stressingrepparttar 108420 benefits your visitor will receive by buying your book, of course there are other strategies to implement in you marketing efforts but they are to many to list here. Another thing to consider is you never know who will be reading your ebook, this exposure could lead to bigger and better things downrepparttar 108421 road. Quality is just as important as quantity.

Brian is the owner of and operates a newsletter called The Ebook King Chronicles. Once a month he dissects a high in demand info product and shows subscribers how to create them.

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