How to Write an Article

Written by Luther Powell

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After you have chosen a topic, stated your purpose, and determined your audience, it is time to start outlining your article. This will help you to see exactly what you want to develop in your article and what details are needed to support each main idea. Don't worry about it looking like a final polished work. Just outline your article as follows:

Introduction The relationship of ezines and subscribers The importance of subscribers Purpose Whatrepparttar article will provide forrepparttar 124334 reader Methods How to obtain more subscribers Free Ads in other ezines Paid ads in other ezines Ezine Directories Announcement lists Pay for subscribers services Subscribers for ads Ad Swaps Writing articles Summary

Now that you have your outline, you are ready to begin writing. Don't let that frighten you. Just write using your topic sentence to beginrepparttar 124335 first paragraph and continue from there. When you need more information on a subject, use your search service onrepparttar 124336 internet and you will find all you need. Just keep writing. Don't worry aboutrepparttar 124337 quality. You can take care of that duringrepparttar 124338 editing period. If necessary, add links to where information my be found, e.g., ezine directors.

With your first draft finished, it is time for editing. Go over every sentence to make sure it is complete and coherent. Edit every paragraph to make sure it ties in with your outline. Do a complete edit and rewrite as necessary. Check for misspelled words.

Now rewrite your complete article and proofread it carefully. If necessary, let someone else read it. When you are satisfied withrepparttar 124339 final product, pat yourself onrepparttar 124340 back. You are on your way to becoming a professional.

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How to: Get more ezine subscribers

Written by Terry Telford

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So how do we, as internet business owners, overcome all of these objections and turn our surfer into a subscriber? Here it is. The list of sure fire ways to get a respectable number of your visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

1.Ensure your potential subscriber that they will be returned torepparttar page they are on, or at least be able to easily find their way back. Tell them right there in your sign up area. Give them a message such as "You will be returned to this page after signing up for this newsletter"

2. Make your sign up form quick and easy. In this first phase of capturing information, limitrepparttar 124333 fields to first name, last name and email address. You will have plenty of time to ask your subscribers for more detailed information as you build up a trust level with them.

3. Give your readers high quality information. Make sure that they feel you respect their time and are there to help them. Keep your newsletter short and easy to digest at one sitting. 4. To overcomerepparttar 124334 surfer's lack of trust, ensure them that you will not give out, sell, or trade their information with third parties. Make sure you tell them this right inrepparttar 124335 area where they are signing up for your newsletter. This helps build their trust level and makes them feel comfortable in giving you their information.

5. And then there are some things that none of us can overcome. If you have done your best to ensure your potential subscriber that your intentions are true, you haven't asked for too much information and you've supplied them withrepparttar 124336 information we've just covered, that's all you can do. Not everyone will sign up, but you've given it your best shot, repparttar 124337 rest is up to your visitor.

6. And this may berepparttar 124338 clincher. Bribe them to fill outrepparttar 124339 form! Give them a FREE ebook, a FREE report, FREE access, or whatever you have that can sweetenrepparttar 124340 deal. This is very basic, but it is common internet practice and it works.

By implementing these six steps in your newsletter marketing you will increase your number of subscribers which will in turn increase your ability to sell more ads and thereby increase your profits.

May you profit in all of your endeavours.

Terry Telford is the author of the popular ebook, Website Ladder, and the founder of bpc publishing, where you can pick up your FREE and almost FREE website marketing tools. Visit today!

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