How to Write a Good Article

Written by Craig Lock

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Thenrepparttar main body ofrepparttar 129668 article which comprises most

of an article.

This then leads logically to a final deduction or conclusion.

This is essentially a summary of allrepparttar 129669 main points

mentioned before.

I believerepparttar 129670 key to writing good articles lies in good


Collecting your material and thinking clearly.

Spend a quiet time thinking before you even set pen to paper.

Ask for inspiration.

Your article should answerrepparttar 129671 five questions of a very

inquisitive person:







I've just remembered I used to drive my dad 'dilly' with those questions when I was a kid.

"Inquisitive little bugger!"

As I mentioned,repparttar 129672 title and your first words are of vital importance to grab your reader's attention.

Make them want to read more.

Develop your theme step by step - it's like building a wall brick by brick.

Plan what you are going to say, and how you are going to say it.

Make a list of your main points.

Then elaborate on them.

Progress logically, naturally and smoothly from one to another, so that they lead to a conclusion.

I'm repeating myself, not out of senility... but for effect.

Also saves merepparttar 129673 trouble of even more editing!

Have a strong summary to round off your article.

If you know exactly how you are going to end off ,repparttar 129674 more easily you will shaperepparttar 129675 article as a whole.

It's like starting off with a piece of clay then moulding and shaping it.

You are adding your personal touch, a bit of your personality, your individual thoughts and creativity torepparttar 129676 sculpture of life.

It is a bittle bit ofrepparttar 129677 real you coming out - a little of you and your unique "work of art" is being expressed torepparttar 129678 world.


Not one of my strong points, but here are a few points to help you...hopefully!

# Present your work on A4 size paper.*

# Type on one side ofrepparttar 129679 page only.

# Use "double space" between lines.

# Leave a margin of at least 1 inch (25cm) each side, top and bottom.

# Have a Title Page withrepparttar 129680 name ofrepparttar 129681 writer on it. Makes you feel quite proud of your 'little effort'!

# Use a Header withrepparttar 129682 Title, Your Name and Page No.

Much easier writing forrepparttar 129683 www and being published onrepparttar 129684 net. No chopping down trees, sorepparttar 129685 "greenies" must be very happy.


I firmly believe writing articles should be entertaining as well as informative. I aim for that in my writing STYLE.

Don't be too impersonal - put in little anecdotes about yourself.

Also don't be afraid to express personal opinions on issues.

(I must learn to keep quiet at times!)

So why not start writing that article.

You may even see that article published.

Seeing my first article in print gave me a big thrill.

Now use your creative imagination torepparttar 129686 fullest and happy writing. Perhaps I may even see your name in print.

Good luck and happy writing

Asrepparttar 129687 ancient Chinese proverb said so wisely...

The journey of a thousand miles begins with ...

a broken fan belt and a leaky tire.

Craig Lock

Craig's various books are available at:


"If you have knowledge, let others light a candle to it." (That's a metaphore, BTW!)

Craig Lock is the author of various books and the creator of the original online creative writing course.

Make More Money Self-Publishing Special Reports

Written by J. Stephen Pope

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Is there a market for moneymaking information like this? You bet there is! Just check outrepparttar business opportunity magazines atrepparttar 129666 newstands to see that this is true. Use internet search engines to find moneymaking or other how-to subjects and to learn about what your competitors are doing.

The key to making money from your self-published information is to write on a subject that is of interest and benefit to your reader. There must be a sufficient number of persons interested in your subject in order for you to justifyrepparttar 129667 time and expense required to undertake writing about it.

You must be able to reach these persons economically (throughrepparttar 129668 internet, magazines, or other means). Most important, what you write should address a concern, want or need of your reader. Providerepparttar 129669 benefits implied in your title and advertising. Provide good value forrepparttar 129670 money charged, and your customers will be happy and buy other products from you.


It is likely that you already possess information, knowledge, and skills in areas of interest to others. Meditate on what you already know. Sometimes we assume that other people already know what we know. This is notrepparttar 129671 case. If this knowledge can help others save money, increase their income, improve their health, be better liked, improve their happiness, or give some other important benefit, you can use this knowledge asrepparttar 129672 basis of producing your information product.

As well as your own expertise, you can consult other sources to add to your knowledge. Research atrepparttar 129673 public library, in bookstores, onrepparttar 129674 internet, through personal interviews of experts, and by taking educational courses on your chosen subject will all help you develop additional expertise needed to write your folio.

As for writing ability and skill, practice makes perfect. Get constructive criticism from others. Have a friend proofread your report. Check your grammar and spelling. Use simple sentences. Don't get too complicated or you'll lose most of your readers.

Use of a personal computer will help you immensely. Prepare your document in text format so that you can use your information in different formats, such as for your website, in electronic books, for e-mailing to a printer, et cetera. If you wish, you may export a copy ofrepparttar 129675 text file you used to prepare your own Special Report to a word processing program to format it for printing. Only printrepparttar 129676 copies needed to fill orders.

Writing any information product requires self-discipline. You must find a suitable time to write each day. Buy outrepparttar 129677 time from less important activities such as TV viewing or idle conversation. If you have specific goals and stick to them and your schedule, you are likely to accomplish your objective of making more money with self-published special reports.

If, for example, your goal is to produce one Special Report per week, you will need to schedulerepparttar 129678 required time for research, then writing, editing and corrections.

Be realistic about your goals. If you can only produce one special report per month, don't be discouraged. Adjust your goals to what reasonably can be accomplished. Just think! Producing only one Special Report per month would produce a line of twelve different products in a year and could formrepparttar 129679 basis of a newly published book!


Writing, although hard work and akin to giving birth, is only part of repparttar 129680 battle. Now you need to sell your Special Reports.

Remember, you didn't just write on any subject that interested you. You deliberately chose a subject that was marketable. You wrote a subject others were interested in. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to sell it.

Whether you use a website, magazine ads, direct mail or other methods of advertising and promoting your Special Reports, make sure that all your communications stressrepparttar 129681 benefits torepparttar 129682 target reader. They must be convinced that your folio is a product that is needed by them and is worthrepparttar 129683 money.

Don't forget to take advantage of free publicity for your products. Send press releases and try to get your publication reviewed or featured as a new product in appropriate magazines or other media.

Special Reports can be adapted as articles that you can offer for sale to magazines. Some consultants and professionals use Special Reports to promote their own business and to establish credibility as experts in a certain field.


>From small beginnings come big things. Your following through onrepparttar 129684 information in this report could result in many benefits. A steady production of appropriate Special Reports will give you control and ownership of profitable products in high demand. These products can create income for years after they are produced. They can also form repparttar 129685 basis of other products: books, audio tapes, videos, courses, internet content, software, and other salable, unique products. Establish your credibility as a respected expert in your field.

Don't delay; follow through. Best wishes to you in building a profitable and enjoyable information empire!

J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc., has been helping clients to earn maximum business profits for over twenty years.

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