How to Write a Fundraising Letter

Written by Linda Elizabeth Alexander

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It's much harder with a one or two page letter to state your case in a number of different ways than it is with a four page letter. With a longer letter, you have much more room to convincerepparttar reader to give.

Don't forget to ask forrepparttar 127270 money! Don't just tell them about your program, ask directly for their help. Also, tell them how much to give so they have an idea of what is needed. "Our education program needs 25 computers, at $2,000 each. If you can't afford a whole computer, a donation of only $200 will buy a printer."

You will get donations of at least $200.

Appeal to readers' sense of urgency by providing a deadline. "We need these funds by January 1 in order to carry out our spring awards event." If you don't get them to act right away, they probably won't act at all.

Forrepparttar 127271 maximum reply, include a return envelope. Make it easy for people to donate by telling them how! "Just checkrepparttar 127272 box onrepparttar 127273 reply card and mail it with your check inrepparttar 127274 enclosed, postage paid reply envelope." It may sound silly to you, but people respond to clear instructions.

Remember to include a PS atrepparttar 127275 bottom. The bulk of your letter will go unread by most of your readers. A post script is a last-chance effort to summarize your whole letter and get your readers to act on it.

As with any direct mail piece, it's good to make follow up phone calls one or two weeks after you mail repparttar 127276 letter. Ask ifrepparttar 127277 letter was received and if you can answer any questions. Of course, you won't always reachrepparttar 127278 right person, but if you follow up you greatly increase your chances of getting a donation.

Writing successful fundraising letters isn't rocket science. These tips are based on years of trial and error; if you follow them wisely your campaign will be successful. Plan early, be organized, andrepparttar 127279 letter writing will take care of itself!

===================================================== Linda Elizabeth Alexander writes marketing copy for nonprofits. When a deadline looms and you're overworked and understaffed, contact her to come to your rescue. =====================================================

Linda Elizabeth Alexander writes marketing copy for nonprofits. When a deadline looms and you're overworked and understaffed, contact her to come to your rescue. =====================================================

7 Secrets to Higher Sales

Written by David McKenzie

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5. Offer a free newsletter. Subscribers that have been with me for a while often go on to buy one ofrepparttar things I am offering. They have been receiving quality information through a newsletter and now feel more comfortable to part with their money.

6. Use autoresponders. I use them regularly to give away free email courses and free articles. I find that people that receive my information via autoresponder often go on to buy.

7. Being helpful. If anyone emails me for help I always gorepparttar 127269 extra mile to help them as much as possible. I try to answer all their questions and I do not sell to them. Interestingly they often go on to become buyers as well.

If you are looking to increase sales of products you sell or products you resell through affiliate programs then try some of these techniques that I use. They work!

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