How to Write a Children's Book in 30 Days or Less!

Written by Caterina Christakos

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-Create- Create an environment that you can work in. Create characters that you will enjoy spending time with. Create an entire world for them to come to life in.

-Announce- Announce out loud to yourself every morning what your goal is. Announce to those supportive of you that you are finally going to put pen to paper. Announce your need for their support and cooperation.

-Collaborate- Collaborate with other writers for ideas. Collaborate with your children and find out what kids actually want to hear about. Collaborate with librarians in your area to see what types of stories are selling.

-Procceed- Proceed with your plan every day. Proceed to add pictures and ideas to your treasure map. Proceed towardrepparttar future that you deserve.

If you follow these six steps diligently, you should have more than enough time to write your book, give Fido his bathand make sure that your summer clothes are atrepparttar 129321 front of your closet. Good luck and have fun.

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Caterina Christakos is a published children's book and how to author, as well as a freelance travel writer. Her work has been viewed both nationally and internationally.

Earn $5,000 per Month in Residual Income from Market Intelligence Reports

Written by Jennie S. Bev

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First, understand what an industry report really is: who reads it, howrepparttar information is arranged, how it is formatted and howrepparttar 129319 validity of information is tested.

Second, understand what you need to do: who to contact for reliable insider industry information, how to locate them (online and off), how to search for responsible secondary data and how to design and collect primary data.

Third, write a sample report to send out to research firms. This requires specific information that shows your research capability.

Fourth, polish your research skills: no expensive trainings are required. Some free trainings are available online.

Fifth, know where to look for research firms that hire freelancers. This information is also available online.

Sixth, compile your first market intelligence sample comprising a brief well-designed sample report of at least 1,000 words, a cover letter and your latest résumé. Just make sure to include allrepparttar 129320 required research-based information inrepparttar 129321 sample to impressrepparttar 129322 employer. With this sample, you wouldn't look "inexperienced" at all.

Seventh, once you landrepparttar 129323 job, there are some "tricky" contractual clauses you must be aware of. Caveat emptor. One of them isrepparttar 129324 "limited royalty period" clause. You may want to re-consider this clause after consulting with your counselor.

Eighth,repparttar 129325 most important one, make sure to completely familiarize yourself withrepparttar 129326 tools ofrepparttar 129327 trades, such as online business and statistical databases, online expert pools and online electronic library accesses, to make your job easier.

Writing industry reports is not as hard as it sounds. As long as you know what you're doing and where to look forrepparttar 129328 reliable resources, research firms need you now. After all, where else can a writer make $5,000 in residual income per month while enjoying an industry expert status (and waking up at noon again)?

Jennie S. Bev is the author of Write Industry Reports: Work at Home and Start Earning $5,000 in Royalties per Month and the highly praised 2003 EPPIE Award Nominee Guide to Become a Management Consultant and. She is a San Francisco-based professional technical writer and instructional designer. She can be reached at

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