How to Wind a Cuckoo Clock

Written by Dave Balch

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It recently dawned on me that this experience serves as a great illustration of two important points. First of all,repparttar importance of education; there is always a "right" way and a "wrong" way to do just about anything, regardless of how simple and obvious it may seem. It is unlikely that what you are trying to do in your business has never been tried before. Why suffer throughrepparttar 101957 mistakes that others have made when they did what you are doing? Do everything you can to learn from other people's experience and save yourselfrepparttar 101958 grief of repeating their mistakes. I used to pull all three chains at once; it never occurred to me thatrepparttar 101959 back ofrepparttar 101960 clock could break underrepparttar 101961 strain. He's seen it happen. I'm glad that I learned from his experience beforerepparttar 101962 clock came crashing down because a),repparttar 101963 falling clock would probably breakrepparttar 101964 glass table beneath it, b) I might be physically injured if hit byrepparttar 101965 clock or flying glass and c), I cherish my clocks and would hate to lose one. Find seminars, classes, tapes, books, or websites that can help you avoidrepparttar 101966 avoidable. Your time and money will be well spent.

The other important point is that you can learn and grow fromrepparttar 101967 most unlikely places. Keep your eyes and ears open; you just never know when a "Skip" will waltz into your life for even a brief moment and leave you with a tidbit that will change you forever.

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Compassion, Part 2

Written by Rinatta Paries

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3. Compassion gives you a sense of connectedness.

Having compassion means opening your heart to others. It also means residing in your heart when interacting with others. This can be especially challenging when compassion is most needed. But it is well worthrepparttar effort.

When you show others compassion, they get to experience being heard and cared for when most needed. This allows you to connect with others in a meaningful way and feel more alive and loved.

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