How to Win at Online Slots Games

Written by Randy Ray

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Something else to factor into your calculation is how muchrepparttar perks and bonuses you're getting back fromrepparttar 140031 casino are worth. If you're playing in a land-based casino where you're getting free drinks while you play, then you can subtractrepparttar 140032 cost of those drinks from you're hourly cost. (Or you can addrepparttar 140033 cost of those drinks torepparttar 140034 value ofrepparttar 140035 entertainment you're receiving--it's just a matter of perspective.) My recommendation is to drink top-shelf liquor and premium beers in order to maximizerepparttar 140036 entertainment value you're receiving. A Heineken can cost $4 a bottle in a nice restaurant. Drink two Heinekens an hour, and you've just lowered what it costs you to play each hour from $75 to $68.

Slot clubs also give back a percentage of your losses each hour, so definitely be sure you joinrepparttar 140037 casino's slot club and ALWAYS use your card to track your play. There's absolutely no reason not to do this. Casinos also reward their larger slot players with comps like meals, show tickets, and free rooms, which all add up to reducerepparttar 140038 amount of money you're spending each hour that you're playing on their machine.

So how to be a winning slot machine player? I'd sum it up by saying know how much it's costing you to play each spin and each hour, take advantage of allrepparttar 140039 comps andrepparttar 140040 perks, and go forrepparttar 140041 big progressive jackpot.

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How to Win a Million Dollars Without Spending a Lot of Money

Written by Randy Ray

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So here'srepparttar strategy. I'm going to bet $3 or $6 per session, because I don't have a lot of money. BUT ifrepparttar 140030 jackpot is past a certain amount, I'm going to take additional spins based onrepparttar 140031 following schedule:

$250,000 - $499,999 - 1 $3 pull per session

$500,000 - $749,999 - 2 $3 pulls per session

$750,000 - $999,999 - 3 $3 pulls per sesssion

$1 million + - 4 $3 pulls per session

I'm not personally going to wager more than $12 per session on a progressive, because like I said, I have a small bankroll. And I'm probably going to be playing daily instead of weekly. If you have a smaller bankroll than I do, you might decide to only play weekly, and that's definitely an okay plan. And if you have a bigger bankroll than I do, you might be playing daily, but you might play more spins than I'm willing to at each level. But I think increasing your bets asrepparttar 140032 jackpot grows larger is a smart thing to do, just like ranging your bets in blackjack is a smart thing to do whenrepparttar 140033 deck is rich with 10's.

And as always, this strategy assumes you haverepparttar 140034 money to play with. Don't gamblerepparttar 140035 rent money away on something like this, and make sure that you're getting some enjoyment out ofrepparttar 140036 process. Otherwise, it's just money wasted.

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