How to Use and Write Press Releases as an Internet Marketing Strategy

Written by Craig Lock

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Incidentally, we have a recent press release up there at in case you want to have a look at our format) The Prudential Press Agency, as well asrepparttar Comitatus Group also offer a FREE press release service. Their web addresses are: and Other Press Release services we've used overrepparttar 143556 years are: They are mainly for corporate businesses, but check them out. Also Xpress, who distribute news releases by e-mail. (Their address is You may also try We have no connection with these news distribution services, but have found them all to be effective in increasing "hits" through "recognition" after a news release. Use press releases to getrepparttar 143557 word out about your web site, product or service. They DO WORK in bringing traffic, which isrepparttar 143558 first step to ONLINE SALES. A last word onrepparttar 143559 subject of press releases... I don't think you need to be a writer to write good press releases. (In fact, it may work against us, as we do tend to "waffle on" a bit and sometimes I don't write in sufficient "business-speak".) My advice is just write in your own "natural" style -repparttar 143560 one in which you feel MOST COMFORTABLE... as I've tried to do in this article. Don't take life too seriously and have FUN writing your press releases. Hope this may help you readers "out there" in cyberspace, as we at Eagle Productions and our associates learn something new about on and off-line promotion each day. "Success is a PROCESS of sharing (knowledge, insights, wisdom and experiences) with others and not simply a matter of arriving at a destination." Take pleasure inrepparttar 143561 journey. Craig Lock ("Incorrigible Encourager and Infopreneur")

"Success to others may be apparent in what you DO; but significance, meaning and purpose lies, then reveals itself in what you ARE and BECOME downrepparttar 143562 'river of life' - how andrepparttar 143563 spirit with which you face, then overcomerepparttar 143564 daily obstacles,repparttar 143565 frequent trials and tribulations alongrepparttar 143566 often rocky path-way of life's magical and mysterious journey. Light your path brightly."

"Inspirational Books" by Craig are available at: and Uplifting, encouraging and empowering people throughrepparttar 143567 power of words and thought energy. Change YOUR world and you change THE world."

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you get rid of him every weekend."



On-line Education - An information explosion

Written by Ram Balaji

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Literacy, for instance, has an impact onrepparttar on-line education programmes. In rural areas,repparttar 143502 local communities primarily consisting of farmers in villages and small townships play a vital role inrepparttar 143503 development of on-line education. Special tailor-made programmes are offered to suitrepparttar 143504 needs and demands of local communities. The knowledge base is so widened that information gathering is just happening with a click of a mouse.

The on-line explosion hasrepparttar 143505 following unique features: 1.Most ofrepparttar 143506 online programmes provide necessary tools and resources on-line and therefore, cost per programme is minimized.

2.You can do a course in six months, 12 months orrepparttar 143507 duration of your own choice. Courses are adapted to suit your own choice.

3.All these can be done from your office or at home or anywhere aroundrepparttar 143508 world. People who often travel will find it extremely convenient because it is just done from your own comfort zone.

4.Knowledge sharing is another vital feature in this information age. The disseminated information passes through various gateways keeping you updated at each stage aboutrepparttar 143509 happenings aroundrepparttar 143510 community.

Ram Balaji is a New Delhi based freelance journalist. He writes articles and is particularly interested in writing business articles, parenting, health and entertainment categories. He can be reached at

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