How to Use Your Current Job to Feed Your New Business

Written by Myrtis Smith

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Finally, let’s highlight two things, no matter how tempting, you should never do:

1. Never use your employer’s materials (pens, paper, computer, printer, etc.)

2. Never use your employer’s time

True Story: I use to work for a consulting firm. It wasn’t uncommon for a consultant to spend a couple of weeks in between projects with no work to do. The consultant would still be paid byrepparttar company and was viewed like being on call. I know of one individual who spent his “in between” period working on a software program using his company laptop. The last I heard,repparttar 117088 company was suingrepparttar 117089 young man for intellectual property rights torepparttar 117090 software. The company contends thatrepparttar 117091 software was created while they were payingrepparttar 117092 individual and he used their equipment.

Don’t let a situation like this happen to you. Be smart about what resources you use.


Myrtis Smith is a freelance writer and coach. If writing seems like a chore in your business, contact her ( to learn ways to make it easier.

Starting a Home Based Business in Macon, Georgia

Written by Regina Stevens

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Trade Name Affidavit ($50) Court House 2nd Street 2nd Floor, Room 216 (478) 749-6527

Sales Tax ID Georgia Department of Revenue Baconsfield Shopping Center Field Service Unit - 630-B North Avenue (478) 751-6055

Once you have obtained this information, you are ready to begin your business.

Regina Stevens is the owner of Keep It Simple Websites ( Check out the website for other helpful articles.

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