How to Use Signature Files to Give Your Email The Personal Touch

Written by Alvin Apple

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Jerry Jensen

try something a little more descriptive and catchy, like

Jerry Jensen

Check out Jerry's revolutionary approach to playingrepparttar piano at:

or take it one step further,

Jerry Jensen Jerry can answer all your questions about playingrepparttar 109718 piano professionally. E-mail him at, or check out his web site:

By adding that one line to your signature, you can totally changerepparttar 109719 customer's perception of your business, and that little extra bit of information could berepparttar 109720 difference between a trickle of new business and a flood.

So you see, it's not enough to just give an address, you've got to give people a reason to click. You've got to spark an interest in what you do. By creating a short, catchy and descriptive sig file, you can really set yourself ahead ofrepparttar 109721 pack. There's money to be made out there if you just know how to do it.

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Written by B.L. Ochman

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Amongrepparttar otherwise very well done publications that waste screen after screen with this type of information arerepparttar 109717 newsletters published by (Content Spotlight,) , and

oUsing LOTS of white space between paragraphs introducingrepparttar 109718 issue, then making us plough through a 10-line ad, a few paragraphs aboutrepparttar 109719 newsletter and a privacy statement before we get torepparttar 109720 beginning ofrepparttar 109721 first article. Amongrepparttar 109722 sites whose otherwise excellent newsletters provide this maddening entranceway are , , , and

The physical limitation of e-mail should berepparttar 109723 factor that determines how you present your message. E-mail is not a printed page thatrepparttar 109724 eye can scan at once. The screen on whichrepparttar 109725 vast majority of people read e-mail - text or HTML -- can only hold 10 lines. If you message isn't in that first screen, it's likely - click - to be history.

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