How to Use Herbs in Your Meals

Written by Martin Enevoldsen

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You can even create a bouquet garni by tying up a bunch of herbs into a piece of cheesecloth; drop it into soups and stews and removerepparttar whole bundle fromrepparttar 139914 pot when you’re about to serve. If you just want a hint ofrepparttar 139915 flavor, onrepparttar 139916 other hand, sprinkle on fresh ground dried herbs or scatter chopped fresh herbs on after your cooking is done.

For example, you could add chopped chives to a baked potato, parsley to a plate of chicken and rice, or cayenne pepper to a dish or chili. Remember, though, that dried herbs are more concentrated and pungent than fresh herbs. If you choose to use dried herbs, use about a quarter less than you would if you were using fresh.

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Let’s Eat Pizza

Written by Sue DeFiore

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One night while at my girlfriends houserepparttar kids were hounding her for pizza for dinner and I suggested these instead. They loved them. They especially loved adding their own individual toppings (pepperoni slices were not available and you shouldn’t eat them on a consistent basis). Dessert was Jell-O with fruit. The kids got to have their pizza, and their mom was much happier withrepparttar 139913 healthier meal.

So, when they ask for pizza, give themrepparttar 139914 “little pizza” alternative.

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