How to Use Freebies To Increase Your Profitability

Written by Bruce Carlson

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See? Nowrepparttar freebie has some value. Since your customer has (hopefully) already decided they want what you have to offer,repparttar 136219 freebie comes across as a true extra. That's value. And that's how you turn a larger percentage of your prospects into paying customers.

Usingrepparttar 136220 freebie as bait up-front for something that's already free is not smart business. When you do this you're instantly decreasing your chances for making sales. This is because that powerful word "free" will automatically attract people with a "freebie" mentality. You may get big numbers of prospects but they'll be predisposed not to buy from you. You trigger that mindset when you danglerepparttar 136221 freebie in front of their noses right offrepparttar 136222 bat.

Once people get into that freebie mindset it's difficult, if not impossible, to get them out of it. They will sign up to getrepparttar 136223 freebie and then keep waiting for more freebies. When they see that they're not going to get any more they'll move on. If they do end up buying from somebody it probably won't be you.


Another key to using freebies is to make sure that what you are offering is a sample of something larger. If you offer a free email course, for example, it should be designed to draw your prospect into one of your affiliate programs, or to sell them something through a referral, or else to pitch your ebook or some other product you haverepparttar 136224 rights to sell.

In similar fashion, if you offer a free report thenrepparttar 136225 report could be a sample of your work, again to sell your ebook or other product.

Offering a free ezine is one ofrepparttar 136226 most popular and best ways to get out a sample of your work, provided you have original content. Then you can package up your original content with a few extras into a larger package like an ebook and offer it for sale.

If you don't have original material, then you'll need to be patient and use your ezine as a way of establishing and building trust with a list of subscribers/prospects. This can take quite a while. But it's well worth it inrepparttar 136227 long run, especially if you enjoy publishing an ezine.

Whichever type of bonus you do decide to use, just make sure that it's a sample designed to lead toward something larger -repparttar 136228 sale of an actual product.

And don't try to sellrepparttar 136229 huge $500 marketing course first. Start out by selling something inexpensive. The $20 - $50 range is what most marketers look at forrepparttar 136230 first sale. After that you can sellrepparttar 136231 bigger ones through follow-ups leading to "backend" sales. Oftentimesrepparttar 136232 really big sales don't come for a long time, unless you have a well-established name and reputation.

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What does your website say about your business?

Written by Doug Titchmarsh

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So now you have an easy to remember address, your business site has ample space and bandwidth to make sure it's always available, what else could you do to improve it?

Well how does it look when it opens in your browser?

There are some terrible examples of business sites around, but yours needn't be one of them.

Here is a basic checklist for your website.

Does your site resemble a Banner farm? Let me clarify that a bit, do you have too many banners either selling other products, or to try to create traffic through banner exchanges? Either way they will slow down your site, and distract your visitors. Loserepparttar banners, and add some content about your products and look for traffic from other sources. Are words Poorly spelt? It's up to you to proofread your website copy, and even pros can make mistakes. If your website has spelling mistakes your customers are going to think you don't care or worse aren't smart enough to be able to advise them properly.

Does it all make sense? Sometimes, a comma, or other punctuation can changerepparttar 136218 whole context of your sentence. Make sure you read every line back, and that it all reads as you want it to. Then get someone else to check it again. My own proofreader is my wife, and she spots plenty of mistakes before I publish, and make a fool of myself.

Lastly, how do you tie it all together into a nice good looking package? If you are like most small businesses, you won't be able to affordrepparttar 136219 high prices ofrepparttar 136220 web designersrepparttar 136221 big boys use. It is however still possible to have a an eyecatching webdesign for little cost by using templates.

A great source of low cost professional looking templates can be found at If you don't know about website building and html, it's worthwhile learningrepparttar 136222 basics and/or using a free wysiwig editor withrepparttar 136223 template you buy. If you don't want to do that, you can always find someone who is doing a course on website design at a college who may do it for low cost or even free as part of their coursework, or portfolio for when they're looking for a job afterwards.

So go take a look now and see what your website is saying about your business, and use this article as your guideline to a better looking online presence. It doesn't have to be expensive to look professional, and it will make your potential customers more likely to do business with you.

BIO Doug Titchmarsh runs several sites including and and publishes an e-zine for marketers online and off which you can get by sending an email to

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