How to Trigger a Successful Sale through the Power of Psychological Triggers

Written by Joe Sugarman

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Is this technique effective? You bet. In many tests, I've doubled response -- sometimes by adding just one sentence that conveys a good satisfaction conviction.

I received an e-mail from a company, a subsidiary of eBay, requesting my advice. They had an e-mail solicitation that wasn't drawingrepparttar response that they had expected. What was wrong?

Looking over what they had created, I saw several mistakes, many of which would have been avoided if they knewrepparttar 127453 psychological triggers that cause people to buy. Let me give you just one example.

Inrepparttar 127454 subject line of most e-mails that have solicited me, I have been able to tell, at a glance, thatrepparttar 127455 solicitation was for a specific service or an offer of something that I was clearly able to determine. Examples such as "Reduce your CD and DVD costs 50%," Or "Lose weight quickly," pretty much told me what they were selling. Was this good or bad?

The problem with those subject lines is thatrepparttar 127456 reader was able to quickly determine: 1) that it was an advertisement; and 2) that it was for some specific product or service.

Most people don't like advertising. And most people won't makerepparttar 127457 effort to open their e-mail solicitation if they think they are getting an advertising message -- unless they are sincerely interested in buying something thatrepparttar 127458 advertisement offers.

The subject line of an e-mail is similar torepparttar 127459 headline of a mail order ad, orrepparttar 127460 copy on an envelope, orrepparttar 127461 first few minutes of an infomercial. You've got to grab somebody's attention and then get them to takerepparttar 127462 next step. Inrepparttar 127463 case ofrepparttar 127464 envelope, you want them to open it. Inrepparttar 127465 case of an infomercial, you want them to keep watching, and inrepparttar 127466 case of an e-mail, you want them open uprepparttar 127467 e-mail and read your message.

The key, therefore, is to get a person to want to open your message by putting something intorepparttar 127468 subject area of your e-mail that does not appear to be an advertising message -- one that would compel them to takerepparttar 127469 next step. Andrepparttar 127470 best trigger to use for this isrepparttar 127471 trigger of curiosity.

There are a number of ways you can use curiosity to literally force a person to takerepparttar 127472 next step. You can then use this valuable tool to put a reader inrepparttar 127473 correct frame of mind to buy what you have to offer.

Once again, allrepparttar 127474 principles apply to every form of communication -- whether it be advertising, marketing or personal selling. And to know these triggers isrepparttar 127475 key to more effective communication and most importantly,repparttar 127476 avoidance of costly errors that waste time and money.

Joe Sugarman, the best-selling author and top copywriter who has achieved legendary fame in direct marketing, is best known for his highly successful mail-order catalog company, JS&A. Joe's new breakthrough book, "Triggers," cracks the human psychological code by identifying 30 triggers that influence people to buy.

Selling to the Sellers -- A Lesson in Feminine Wisdom

Written by Joe Bingham

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So, just likerepparttar boyfriend who thinks he is doing things of his own mind, your buyers will think they are just 'investing sellers'.

Method # 3 The Wisdom of a Wife

After you have made initial contact with buyers and convinced them that they are actually just 'investing sellers' out to increase their own profits, you need repeat contact.

Often a husband's happiness is directly related torepparttar 127452 happiness of his wife. In this way,repparttar 127453 wife keeps in touch withrepparttar 127454 husband and keeps them happy together. Otherwise,repparttar 127455 husband may turn forgetful and do too much on his own.

It'srepparttar 127456 same with keeping repeat customers. You need to maintain contact. Ezines, newsletters, or business announcements to initial buyers will allow you to make additional offers to them, or just remind them that your services are still around. Just like in courtship, meet them, date them, and marry them.

So now you know, selling torepparttar 127457 sellers is simply a matter of persuasion. And as you can see, there's no better brand of persuasion to learn from better than that ofrepparttar 127458 feminine order.

I can testify to that one personally.

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