How to Travel for Free by Leading or Promoting Tours

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To maximize your chances for success, it is advisable to announce and begin promoting your trip at least a year in advance of your departure date, so that you have plenty of time to reach enough people -- and to enable your prospects sufficient time to raise fund and schedulerepparttar trip.

If you are already affiliated with a particular group such as a school, a church, or a club, it makes promoting a trip allrepparttar 113229 easier as you already have easy channels of communication in place.

Writing letters or emails, making phone calls, announcements at meetings or services, announcements in bulletins, etc.

================================= If you are interested in making as much money as possible in addition to a free trip -- either for yourself or as a fundraiser, you might want to look at other ways of reaching a wider audience. =================================

-- Press releases to newspapers and other media. -- Posters and flyers posted on community and church bulletin boards. -- Small ads taken out in newspapers and appropriate magazines. -- Posting in special interest forums onrepparttar 113230 Internet -- Holding public meetings and seminars.

================================= Organizing a trip gives you rewards way beyondrepparttar 113231 trip andrepparttar 113232 money. Inrepparttar 113233 process of organizing a trip, you will also come into contact with many like-minded people you might never meet otherwise ... resulting in friendships that last a lifetime. =================================

For many,repparttar 113234 best part of actively organizing and promoting a trip is meeting new people who have at least some common interests.

Because you arerepparttar 113235 group leader, you are in a unique position to have already "brokenrepparttar 113236 ice"... so that when it comes time to embark on your cruise or tour, you will often be on a first name basis with everyone.

This feeling of camaraderie with a large number of fellow tourists can contribute immeasurably torepparttar 113237 success ofrepparttar 113238 trip -- and can often lead to lifelong friendships.

So don't put off traveling just because you don't haverepparttar 113239 cash.

Look throughrepparttar 113240 resources below for a travel company that suits you.

Then get in touch with them, set a date and a destination. And start making plans to takerepparttar 113241 trip of your lifetime... by helping others do repparttar 113242 same.

Bon voyage!

=========================================== Free Travel Resources

Travel for Free as a Tour Leader. Organize a safari... or a scuba diving tour... or a world cruise. We have found travel agencies who are ACTIVELY seeking tour leaders. Many extensive promotional help... including brochures and websites.

Travel Free as a Church Tour Leader   Earn a free trip or cruise or pilgrimage... and in some cases earn as much as $10,000 per trip for you or your church by organizing and leading a tour. Teachers Travel Free Leading Education Trips Cash Stipends often available.

Travel Free and Earn Cash as a College Campus Rep.   Promote Spring Break Travel on your campus,. Earn trips and cash.

Free Trips and Cash as a High School Trip Organizer. Top organizers can earn as much as $10,000 promoting their graduation trip.

Travel Cheap by Exchanging Homes. You can travel anywhere inrepparttar 113243 world forrepparttar 113244 cost of your plane fare or gas ... by setting up a house exchange in advance. You can even exchange an RV ... or an apartment... or a yacht.

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