How to Tame Your Mouse

Written by By Stephen Bucaro

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A DOS mode mouse driver may be interfering withrepparttar Windows mouse driver. Ifrepparttar 107877 file autoexec.bat exists inrepparttar 107878 root directory ofrepparttar 107879 C drive, openrepparttar 107880 file in Windows Notepad and look for entries like Device=mouse.sys. Ifrepparttar 107881 file config.sys exists inrepparttar 107882 root directory ofrepparttar 107883 C drive, openrepparttar 107884 file in Windows Notepad and look for entries like To disablerepparttar 107885 statement typerepparttar 107886 letters REM (for remark) in front ofrepparttar 107887 line.

Ifrepparttar 107888 file System.ini exists inrepparttar 107889 folder c:windows folder, openrepparttar 107890 file in Windows Notepad and look inrepparttar 107891 [boot] section forrepparttar 107892 entry Mouse.drv= Ifrepparttar 107893 file win.ini exists inrepparttar 107894 folder c:windows folder, openrepparttar 107895 file in Windows Notepad and look for entries like load= and run=. If a line refers to a mouse driver, disablerepparttar 107896 statement by typing a semicolon (;) in front ofrepparttar 107897 line.

If you operating system is Windows 98/Me/2000, then you can userepparttar 107898 System Configuration utility andrepparttar 107899 System Information utility to studyrepparttar 107900 startup configuration of your computer. To openrepparttar 107901 System Configuration Utility, select Start | Run, and type c:windowssystemmsconfig. To openrepparttar 107902 System Information Utility select Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools and click on System Information.

Check The Display Driver

Sometimes a mouse will work erratically becauserepparttar 107903 display driver is not working properly. The first thing you can do is disablerepparttar 107904 graphics drivers hardware acceleration. Select Start | Settings | Control Panel, and openrepparttar 107905 Display utility. Inrepparttar 107906 Display Properties dialog box, selectrepparttar 107907 Settings tab and click onrepparttar 107908 Advanced... button.

Inrepparttar 107909 dialog box which appears, selectrepparttar 107910 Performance tab and moverepparttar 107911 hardware acceleration slider control to None. If this doesn't solverepparttar 107912 problem you might try updatingrepparttar 107913 display driver. After locating a proper driver, this is done inrepparttar 107914 same dialog box onrepparttar 107915 Adapter tab by clickingrepparttar 107916 Change button to openrepparttar 107917 Update Device Driver Wizard.

Try a New Mouse

Most problems withrepparttar 107918 mouse are caused by dirt or miscalibration. If cleaningrepparttar 107919 mouse doesn't solverepparttar 107920 problem,repparttar 107921 procedures described above may guide you torepparttar 107922 source ofrepparttar 107923 problem. However, a computer mouse is a cheaply manufactured mechanical device. As such they don't last long. If nothing else works, maybe its time to retire that old mouse. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 107924 Web visit: To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to

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What Is A Macro? Does Anyone Really Care?

Written by Rafael Van Dyke

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To bring up huge blocks of text quickly, itís easier to use AutoText rather than a macro; not to mention that itís faster now that AutoText can be called automatically and completed onrepparttar fly - you can even launch them from a button. You donít need a macro to save your page settings or to start off your commonly used documents anymore; you just simply create a template for that (or use one ofrepparttar 107876 templates that comes with Microsoft Word Ė likerepparttar 107877 Letter Wizard). And if you want to copy text formatting to other blocks of text, youíll userepparttar 107878 Format Painter Ö not a macro.

With all of these great tools that have replaced need to use macros for common tasks,repparttar 107879 last question is what exactly would you use them for nowadays? Though some may find a few isolated cases to use one, a macro is mainly a tool mainly for programmers. So unless you find yourself needing to create an automation solution in Visual Basic, macros should become a thing ofrepparttar 107880 past. But itís nice to know that theyíre available Ö just in case!

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