How to Survive Lean Times When You're a Solopreneur

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A.

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5. Amp up your sig on your emails.
Make your sig work for you.

6. Userepparttar motivation to make cold calls.

7. Userepparttar 117588 time to make your practice lean and mean.
Shop around. Find a cheaper ezine service, Virtual Assistant, web host, or computer tech. Get a lower LD rate.

8. Get a Virtual Assistant and delegate.
Delegate some maintenance chores that'll allow you more time to market your practice and attend to your clients. It'srepparttar 117589 Law of Attraction. When I turnedrepparttar 117590 logistics of my Distance Learning School over to my VA, I got an immediate surge in students (who pay) and also coaching clients. It's like they knew I had more time!

9. Get out more!
You haverepparttar 117591 spare time! In my days as a fundraiser, I found all sorts of lunch-time events "open torepparttar 117592 public." Some cost money, some don't, but they all give you exposure. Once you get onrepparttar 117593 circuit, your calendar will be full. Sitting around a lunch table waiting forrepparttar 117594 speaker is a great time to talk about coaching!

10. Introduce a new product to your "old" clientele.
If they've bought from you before and found it to be of value, they'll want to again. Introduce a new product (course, teleclass, ebook), or a new form of coaching. Coaching is a new field, and clients sometimes don't know all we offer. A "business" client may not know that you do "relationship" coaching.

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Insider Secrets To Internet Profits

Written by John Colanzi

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It's important to have a clean fast loading web site, but it's more important to capture email addresses and build your list.

If you're not capturing addresses, you're wasting time, energy and cash. The best ad withrepparttar most amazing web site, will never outpull an ad with a follow up system.

It took a long time for this to sink into my thick skull.

Forget aboutrepparttar 117587 tricks and dog and pony shows and get to work on building a system to capture addresses and follow up.

Building your business isn't rocket science.

Here's a simple formula for guaranteed profits.

Your list + Follow up = $$$$

Is that all there is?

You bet.

Wishing You Success, John Colanzi

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