How to Survive First Year Engineering

Written by A Khan

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Learn to Skip Astonishing as it may sound, but I think it is vital for first year students to learn when to skip their classes. I mean you can’t skip all your classes but can and in most cases must in order to passrepparttar course. Againrepparttar 138028 problem arises fromrepparttar 138029 fact that as a first year engineer you have a finite amount of time to study and in most casesrepparttar 138030 weekend period is not enough. So forrepparttar 138031 greater good you will have to skiprepparttar 138032 liberal studies lecture orrepparttar 138033 optional tutorial. I would rather see a student skip a class to study for a test then for him/her to show up for class and worry aboutrepparttar 138034 upcoming test or quiz later that day.

Learn From Mistakes I find that it is usuallyrepparttar 138035 high achievers in high school who arerepparttar 138036 ones who freak out when they see their first C. Rather then understanding from their mistakes they get overwhelmed and in some cases obsessed withrepparttar 138037 mark. They are continuously trying to make uprepparttar 138038 difference by attending every class, compulsively trying to get perfect on every home work assignment and arerepparttar 138039 ones who study all day in their locked rooms. Surerepparttar 138040 student might get an A on his/hers first semester courses but inrepparttar 138041 long term (usually byrepparttar 138042 end of second year)repparttar 138043 student will be too burnout and in most cases must drop out from their engineering program.

Take Time to Relax and Exercise I think it is vital for engineers to put aside some time to relax and exercise. Personally, I find nothing more satisfying then pounding a punching bag to vent out allrepparttar 138044 built up frustration after a hard day at school. Apart from exercising, diet also plays a major role. If you can not eat your greens and fruits, on a daily basis, then you should consider taking a multivitamin everyday. Drink more water when ever possible and try to keep your daily caffeine intake to a maximum of two cups, yes I realize it is hard especially when you are doing an all nighter.

Hopefully after readingrepparttar 138045 above hints you will manage much better in being a first year engineering student. Try to embrace your days in school and always try to get a good night sleep.

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How to email your Professor?

Written by A Khan

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Title: Over here you type inrepparttar title of your subject. (Test 1, Midterm, Exam, Assignment 5…etc)

Subject: Over here you type in what concern or problem you might have (Due Date Issue, Missed Test Issue, HW Problem #45…etc). Remember to keep it brief, no more then 5 words.

Example: Boston College-MTH140-Assignment 4-HW Problem #45

The Text Body Field Try to keep things simple, clean and torepparttar 138027 point. By that I mean no 2 page emails or fancy fonts and color, remember your first priority is to convey your message not to show off your email editing skills. Start off with writingrepparttar 138028 Professors name (Prof C.Mcgill, Prof U.Stan…etc). Move on torepparttar 138029 subject of your email, as a reminder restaterepparttar 138030 Course Code and Title Field (Duringrepparttar 138031 Monday’s MTH140 class you stated for Assignment 4). The next line should staterepparttar 138032 problem or concern. Remember to provide details and avoid repetitions. Its best to endrepparttar 138033 email with a salutatory statement (Thank You, Yours Truly..etc) and use your name, student number and College or University name as signature.

Example: Prof C. Mcgill, Duringrepparttar 138034 Monday’s MTH140 class you stated for Assignment 4 question #41 to userepparttar 138035 second derivative theorem. However, I am having trouble as to how to findrepparttar 138036 delta X? In particular, duringrepparttar 138037 situation when time is 3 seconds and delta Y is 0. Do we set delta Y to Ymin and solve from there?

Thank You _________________ Any Student #:0101010101 Boston University

Things to Keep In Mind - Give a minimum of one weekday for Professors to reply back, before sending another email. - Avoid sending multiple duplicate emails at any one given time. - Try to send emails during weekdays and if possible duringrepparttar 138038 Professors office hours. - Try to be respectful and Professional (i.e. no offensive language, spell check…etc). - Avoid taking out frustration by spammingrepparttar 138039 Professors email box.

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